Leading Lady: Michelle Hutchins

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Michelle Hutchins defines what it means to be a cool mama. She’s a hard working business woman, she has amazing style, and she always makes time for her family. Read our interview below and get to know this cool, one of a kind chick! {SS}: What is your current profession? {MF}: I am a Freelance […]

Leading Lady: Taylor Bolleber

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Taylor Bolleber is one bad ass chick who’s not afraid to bend the rules, especially when it comes to fashion. Her new boutique, Bird Bee, mixes edgy + bohemian styles, that are attracting the eye of Detroit’s wild childs, boho babes, and “expressive and edgy souls.” With a heart of gold, a little bit of sass, and […]

Leading Lady: Anuja Tolia

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{SS}: How did you get started in the jewelry industry?  {AT}: As far as I can remember I loved colors, the arts, painting, and fashion. Specifically fashion… the way woman carried themselves, and portrayed themselves through the way they looked. I majored in Merchandising Management and always thought I would be a buyer at an […]

Leading Lady: Emily Hertz

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Over ten years ago, I worked a summer internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine in New York City. During the hectic summer – which was a “hands-on” and worthwhile experience, I had the opportuntity to connect with some incredible girls who were also interning. I’ve stayed in touch with many of those girls – who have become accomplished ladies! Recencently one of those […]

Leading Lady Spotlight: Jessica Reschke

{SS}: What is your current profession? {JR}: I am the Detroit Market Coordinator for Christian Dior Cosmetics.  A former professional dancer and actress, I was always good at doing hair and make up and I knew when I could no longer dance I wanted to get into the beauty industry, so I took small jobs working in […]

Leading Lady: Armina Kasprowicz

{SS}: What is your current profession? {AK}: I am an Interior Designer specializing in residential interiors. I have always had a passion for designing but didn’t start in design right from the beginning.  I decided to enter the creative field after working in the business end of a graphic design company – and not enjoying that job. It […]

Leading Lady Spotlight: Lindsay Hords

We've been hearing about this new boutique flower company called, PosyPark. WIth Spring only a few weeks away and the love for flowers our entire team has… we wanted to learn more about the dynamic owner of Posy Park. From Speech Pathologist to Flower Guru – owner, Lindsay Hords proves you can turn your passion […]

Leading Lady: Christina Vuelta

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{SS}: What is your current profession? {CV}: I am the VP of the Women’s Digital Network at Forbes Media. I am also the founder of 40:20 Vision, a non-profit dedicated to bridging the gap between 40-something women and their 20-something counterparts. {SS}: Tell us about your typical day.  {CV}:  I typically wake up around 6:30 or 7am and go […]

Leading Lady: Stephanie Main

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{SS}: What is your current profession? {SM}: Currently I have multiple jobs – being a mom of a 2 year old boy, a Pilates Instructor at Equilibrium Studio and a fashion / fitness blogger. To give you a little background, I was a competitive swimmer for about 15 years and when that was over I wanted to continue […]

Leading Lady Spotlight: Jamie Glassman

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Jamie Glassman is not afraid to step outside her comfort zone to achieve what she wants in life. We are inspired by her journey and think she sets a prime example of what it means to be a “Leading Lady.”  Upon graduating college, she started her career in teaching and last year made a major transition… […]