{SS}: What is your current profession?

{CV}: I am the VP of the Women’s Digital Network at Forbes Media. I am also the founder of 40:20 Vision, a non-profit dedicated to bridging the gap between 40-something women and their 20-something counterparts.

{SS}: Tell us about your typical day. 

{CV}:  I typically wake up around 6:30 or 7am and go to a Pilates class. Prior to my current role, I consulted and worked a lot from home. During that time, I rediscovered the ritual of eating breakfast at home and reading the paper. When I can, I make time for that vs eating on the way or at my desk at work. I may check some emails or write a 4020 Vision blog post before heading to Forbes across the river. Other mornings I may have coffee with a potential new contributor for Women@Forbes in the city before heading to work. We have lots of meetings at work to review pitches we received, ideate on future stories or plan new ways to connect with women on social. But no day is the same. Some days we may shoot a pilot for a video series, interview a female entrepreneur or host a live mentoring event. Our mission is to help women take their next step forward so we look at everything through that lens and ask ourselves, “What or who have we moved forward today?”

{SS}: What do you love about your job? 

{CV}: Working with so many amazing younger women…or women of any age who have a mindset that’s open to new ideas and working together to make things happen. Just like the trend and strategy work I did in my previous roles, we are constantly looking for shifts in culture and business and how it affects the way we live our lives.

{SS}: Any advice to those starting out in your profession?

{CV}: Keep looking for ways to add to your skill set and keep your eyes open for new ways of thinking, new patterns, new signals of what people care about that connects to what your brand stands for or what your mission is. That intersection is where you will find the triggers to leverage to move forward.

{SS}: What would you tell your 23 year old self? 

{CV}: Don’t ask permission…go for what you want and don’t feel you have to follow a certain path. You got this.

Photo by Uyen Cao

{SS}: Where do you, personally, get your daily news fix?

{CV}: Forbes 🙂

{SS}: What do you do to make you feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on anything? 

{CV}: Working out…and staying energized. I am all about energy begets energy. So when things are draining your energy you have to pay attention. And try to get rid of the energy drains and get more into what gives you energy.  But at the same time it is when you find peace with yourself that you feel truly confident. Anything you can do to get to that realization.

{SS}: What is your “Style Archetype?” 

{CV}: Trendy Chic

{SS}: Who is your Style Icon? 

{CV}: To many to say…but a mix of old and new from Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Bacall to Olivia Palermo and the streets of New York.

{SS}: Where do you find style + fashion inspiration? 

{CV}: The streets of New York, shopping itself.

{SS}: What is your power song? (The song that gets you pumped up)

{CV}: Pink- Raise Your Glass, Kelly Clarkson- Stronger, Sting- Desert Rose

{SS}: What is your power outfit or accessory?

{CV}: A unique ring will always do it.

{SS}: Who inspires you and why?

{CV}: My friends – I read about / watch inspiring women all the time but seeing a close friend achieve something or overcome something is so real.

{SS}: What are YOUR “words to live by” OR favorite saying/quote? 

{CV}: “Why not?”

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