Jamie Glassman is not afraid to step outside her comfort zone to achieve what she wants in life. We are inspired by her journey and think she sets a prime example of what it means to be a “Leading Lady.”  Upon graduating college, she started her career in teaching and last year made a major transition… when she decided to not just switch jobs, but jump into an entirely new industry, fitness.   Her story is a good reminder, it’s never to late to try something new or make major moves towards living the life you want!  

{SS}: What is your current profession? 

{JG}: About a year and a half ago, I took a big leap of faith to leave my career as an Elementary School teacher to become a SoulCycle Instructor. I fell in love with SoulCycle after my first class while I was visiting LA for a friends wedding.  I was feeling unfulfilled  at my teaching job for a while and I knew I needed to make a change but didn’t exactly know how.  A few months later, SoulCycle Chicago opened a few blocks down from me and I decided I was going to audition to become an instructor. 

I rode every day before and after school and worked extremely hard before my audition.  I was extremely determined to make this dream a reality.  After I made it through the audition process, I moved to NYC for the SoulCycle Instructor Training Program.  After the training program, I stayed in NYC to teach for about a year, before recently moving to LA to continue my SoulCycle journey.

{SS}: Tell us about your typical day.

{JG}: Every day is different depending on my teaching schedule.  I always start my day with a coffee and a greek yogurt with granola. Then I usually teach 2 or 3 classes a day so the rest of my day depends on what times I teach.  My job requires more than just the 45 minute classes I teach.  I spend a lot of my time researching new music, creating playlists, cross-training, and taking time to relax and recover.  You might find me going to different circuit training classes, riding in other SoulCycle classes for inspiration, going to yoga, or at a Starbucks working on music.  I’m also working towards getting my personal training certification so I have been studying for that several days a week as well.

{SS}: What do you love about your job?

{JG}: I love a lot of things about my job but I’ll try to name just a few.  I love the community, the sweat, the music and the way it allows your body to move.  I love the people I get to work with every day.  I’ve met some of my closest friends because of SoulCycle and I’m constantly inspired by the people I meet in my classes.  I have heard countless stories from riders about how SoulCycle has helped them transform their lives and I’m extremely grateful to have a job that can help people work towards becoming a better version of themselves.

{SS}: Any advice to those starting out in your profession? 

{JG}: If you want something, go out and get it and don’t let anything stop you.  I remember having a lot of people question my decision to leave teaching behind, but I knew it was the right decision for me.  You may have a few setbacks along the way, but if you’re willing to put in the hard work and believe in yourself, anything is possible. 

{SS}: What would you tell your 23 year old self?

{JG}: I would probably tell myself not to worry so much. Everything has a weird way of working out the way its supposed to. 

{SS}: Where do you, personally, get your daily news fix?

{JG}: I love The Skimmm.  I wake up every morning to an email with all the current events going on.  It makes it easy to read and is straight to the point.  I also use Twitter to look through daily news and updates.

{SS}: What do you do to make you feel beautiful, confident and ready to takeon anything? 

{JG}: I love to get dressed up.  I spend most of my time in workout clothes, so I love when I have the time to do my hair and get dressed up for a night out.

{SS}: What is your “Style Archetype?” 

{JG}: Women’s Edgy Chic


Just Live Follow Me Performance TankJeffrey Campbell Cromwell Cutout Western Boots Black,  Lysse Black Vegan Leather Leggings

{SS}: Where do you find style + fashion inspiration?

{JG}: I love looking at blogs, magazine, or instagram for style and fashion inspiration.

{SS}: What is your power song?

{JG}: Currently loving…  “Power” by Kanye

{SS}: What is your power outfit or accessory?

{JG}: Lululemon leggings, a t-shirt, a leather jacket, and boots

{SS}: Who inspires you and why?  {JG}: My parents and my boyfriend are the ones who inspire me the most.  My parents have always been there for me and they continue to support me in everything I do.  My boyfriend inspires me because he is so supportive but also challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and push myself.


{SS}: What are YOUR “words to live by”

Jamie shares her favorite spots in her current local area of Los Angeles, California.



Jon and Vinnys

Urth Caffe

Sugarfish Sushi 


Nasty Gal


You can keep up with Jamie (and get some good fitness inspiration) by following her on Instagram: @Jglass.  Of course, we highly recommend taking one of her SOUL CYCLE classes if you’re live in the LA area, or in town for a visit!  #NEWYEARNEWYOU