{SS}: What is your current profession?

{JR}: I am the Detroit Market Coordinator for Christian Dior Cosmetics.  A former professional dancer and actress, I was always good at doing hair and make up and I knew when I could no longer dance I wanted to get into the beauty industry, so I took small jobs working in salons and doing make up for photoshoots in my spare time. 

When I eventually retired from dancing, I went back to school and got my cosmetology license, and then worked my way up in the industry.

{SS}: Did you know you always wanted to go into beauty industry?

{JR}: Yes, I used to model on photo shoots and my favorite part was working with the hair and make up artists.  I always felt so beautiful, so transformed after spending just a bit of time in one of their chairs.  I wanted the ability to give others that incredible feeling.

{SS}:Tell us about your typical day.

{JR}: I manage several doors where we carry the Dior brand in the Michigan Market, so I am always in a different store.  I train, coach and mentor the teams of artists.  I am also in charge of executing our amazing events.  As an artist, my favorite part of my day is working one on one with customers.  My typical day is never typical because we always have a different focus depending on what’s going on at the retailer or with all of our Dior Events.

{SS}: What do you love about your job?

{JR}: The ability to make someone feel beautiful by teaching them how to do something that they can use every day to build their unique style and confidence.  Dior is an amazing brand to work for, the products are flawless and the company is supportive and always innovative.

{SS}: Any advice to those starting out in your profession?

{JR}: Be patient.  Be a sponge.  Be genuine.  Be passionate.  Learn as much as you can about the brand you are working for, if you truly love and believe in it, others will too.

{SS}: What would you tell your 23 year old self?

{JR}: Relax, trust and believe in yourself.  It’s all going to work out the way it’s meant to.

{SS}: Where do you, personally, get your daily news fix?

{JR}: Usually facebook, but I try and stay away from a lot of news because it’s depressing. I would rather surround myself with upbeat and positive information. I also love Pinterest because I’m a quote junkie, and will spend time entertaining anything that makes me laugh or think.

{SS}: What do you do to make you feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on anything? 

{JR}: I trust my gut and show the world my authentic self. I feel the most beautiful when I am being true to who I am and what makes me smile. I spend more time on things I enjoy and am passionate about and less on what brings me down. I stay grateful. I love myself and practice self care to keep my battery charged and flowing.

{SS}: What is your “Style Archetype?”

{JR}: Glam Madame- so accurate!

{SS}: Who is your Style Icon? 

{JR}: Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Holloway


{SS}: Where do you find style + fashion inspiration? 

{JR}: I have such a Vintage soul.  Inspired by anything glamourous and classic, I always say I was born 40 years too late.

{SS}: What is your current must have Beauty item this season? 

{JR}: The new Lacquer Sticks by DiorThey are 6 hours of wear with shine and staying power.  They stay on all day and still look glossy.

{SS}: What is your all-time Beauty item you can’t live without? 

{JR}: My eyebrow pencil.  I love the Dior Universal Brow pencil.  My eyebrows are a lot lighter in real life than my red hair, so I like to fill them and change them with my mood.  Somedays I’m Greta Garbow,  and some days I’m Brooke Shields.

{SS}: What is your power song?

{JR}: Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson, gives me a boost and always makes me feel like I’m in the middle of a great wedding reception.

{SS}: What is your power outfit or accessory?

{JR}: Can never go wrong with a pencil skirt.  I love how sexy and feminine it always makes me feel.

{SS}: Who inspires you and why? 

{JR}: I am so inspired by amazing writers.  I recently read a very special and thought provoking book: Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton.  It was so honest and authentic.  I find that really inspiring and I hope to write a book someday too.

{SS}: What are YOUR “words to live by” OR favorite saying/quote? 

{JR}: You are enough. 

I love any place that has a vintage vibe.  My favorite Detroit spot is definitely Cliff Bells, it’s a very classy downtown Jazz Club.  The bartenders wear suspenders the décor is 60 years old and I could show up full Marilyn and no one would give me a second look.