We've been hearing about this new boutique flower company called, PosyPark. WIth Spring only a few weeks away and the love for flowers our entire team has… we wanted to learn more about the dynamic owner of Posy Park. From Speech Pathologist to Flower Guru – owner, Lindsay Hords proves you can turn your passion into a business!  

{SS}: What is your current profession?

{LH}: I recently launched and opened PosyPark, a fresh flower design business.  My longtime love affair of floral and design birthed PosyPark.  I was craving a more intimate, personal connection when shopping for flowers.  PosyPark is fun, filled with love, can be wild, and hopefully different.  When I was shopping for flowers, nothing was screaming, “wow factor” anymore or had “jazz hands” waving at me to purchase. Thus, from this personal void grew PosyPark.  As I experienced a transition out of my educated field of speech language pathology, I knew that something creative was calling my name. For me, this encompasses it all.  I get to design using flowers, incorporate personal décor, gift, and make a personal connection on many levels.  

PosyPark is the opposite of going online and picking a typical arrangement.  It is fresh floral for the home, retail, or commercial space whether its weekly, monthly or occasional with a personal, loving touch, and definitely wrapped with a bow of some sort.  In the literal sense, and figurative sense. 

PosyPark produces that individually curated total design, taking into account all the essential elements beyond floral.  It can be the architecture, furniture, lighting, or color schema.  PosyPark is fascinating with floral.   

{SS}: Tell us about your typical day.  

{LH}: A typical day consists of completing way too many tasks!  First and foremost, a coffee with my husband Brian because my day starts early with 2 loving dogs that get me up and going.  After the kids are off to school with a breakfast that resembled ingesting part of the nutritional triangle and a handmade lunch, I crave a yoga class.  I then jump right into floral design, whether it encompasses ordering, producing, or even delivering.  Right now, I’m single handedly managing and making sure PosyPark runs smoothly and effectively.  I fulfill all of my work responsibilities and also tend to family chores! 

Honestly, there may be 10 different errands and 10 different phone calls that take up the majority of my day.  These usually relate to the operation, function, and growth of PosyPark (and my family).  I also call myself the “glorified uber” driver now with a poor rating as my 12 and 14 year olds still require many rides throughout the day.  I may cook or order in for dinner, depending on schedules!  I can’t forget that Georgia and Violet (the dogs) are walked at least twice in the day by their demanding eye rolls!  Bed is very early for me, as it’s usually a long, jam-packed day of multi-tasking.

{SS}: What do you love about your job?

{LH}: I love the design process. I love the meditative nature of completing a project for a client. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in that headspace and work on a design and see it come to fruition.  To me, Flowers are that accessory that are absent or missing from any space.  Whether it’s a dining room or console table, a boardroom, a powder room or just an overall blank canvas, flowers are the added bonus that can change the entire palette.  Fashion designers love jewelry, belts, bags, or color to add to a simple design and I know that floral is the same.  A wicked flower arrangement can alter a space drastically.  It also can create a mood, change a mood, or just add a smile.  The business aspect is new to me, and I love it.  I love the process of PosyPark and love the branding element. Working on the website, learning, and growing has been a blast, it's very exciting.  I guess the true answer remains that if you love what you do, you love your job.  

{SS}: What are your favorite flowers or plants?  

{LH}: My favorites depend on my mental state and mood.  Flowers are completely emotional.  They have attitude, life, and a presence.  I’m truly overwhelmed by a sense of euphoria when surrounded by floral or even given one bloom.  Flowers always can bring a smile, liven a space, add color, and in general lift a spirit.  I swear, my endorphins rise whenever I encounter flowers.  I can’t get enough.  When given the opportunity, and in their natural environment, flowers or plants shine the brightest. I LOVE ranunculus.  I think simple branches are beautiful.  My favorite is a white hydrangea the size of a human head.  

{SS}: Easy tip to spruce up or create a simple floral arrangement? 

{LH}: A magician can never give up their tricks…but I think adding natural stones to the base of a glass vase is inexpensive and looks organic, cool, and clean.  It adds a great touch.

{SS}: For fashion and most design related industries the trends are changing each season. Would you say there is a flower trend or a particular floral look that is on trend for Spring/Summer 2017?

{LH}: Absolutely!  Colors will be more natural, subtle, and muted.  Think serenity within the home.  Our world is amidst a little chaos right now given the social, economic, and political changes.  So we are shifting away from the bright and vibrant into more tranquil.  Think green too with more foliage and branches.  We will see aged metallic finishes in containers, vases, and vessels using gold, coppers, and silvers. 

Similar to fashion and home decoration, the floral market is also seeing change as consumers want everything at lightening speed, witnessing new products, as a result of social media.
I think expectations have changed a bit, which is ok, and kind of what PosyPark is based upon Back to personal touches, connecting again, expectations, and design based around individual space.   Look at fashion in 2017, everything is funky floral - I’m freaking over it.  Even Keds shoes launched a line with floral patterns.

{SS}: Last flower question, in your opinion, what is the best type of floral arrangement or what types of flowers should you sends for a birthday? 

{LH}:  I think that the absolute best flower design is one that reflects the birthday person’s personality.  What I mean is that don’t try too hard.  If the gift is for someone more introverted and quiet, order something calming, minimal, and organic.  If they are loud, social, and the life of the party, then order up that colorful, full, dynamic arrangement.  Change it up too with design elements.  Order a floral crown or topiary.  Try a totally out of the box arrangement, surprise yourself and the birthday person with a hanging design from their light fixture at work, or another remote location.  Utilize something in their home that has meaning.  It doesn’t have to be a vase.  Get creative!  How fun to come home and see your favorite wood trough lined with fresh flowers!   

{SS}: What would you tell your 23-year-old self?

{LH}: OHHHH 23-year-old self…you never know where life will take you.  Do not think you have to stay on one path as life may lead you down another.  In fact, the fork in the road may lead to something way better, something completely unexpected, unusual, and SENSATIONAL.  I guess try to go with the flow, but know that you should be open to change.  It’s scary, frightening, paralyzing at times…but certainly worth it.

{SS}: Where do you, personally, get your daily news fix?  

{LH}: My news fix has started with the Today Show since high school with Bryant Grumble and Jane Pauley.  I’m a committed Today Show viewer.  I scroll through a plethora of newsreels in the am ranging from Yahoo, CNN, and I love the Comcast news home page.  However, I do not love the news these days, but I’ll keep my commentary to myself.

{SS}: What do you do to make you feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on anything? 

{LH}: Today, I require a hair blow out to feel most beautiful!  Seriously, I went through adult puberty and my hair took on a life of it’s own.  I used to have poker straight hair. Now it’s unruly!  I feel beautiful a lot, usually when I don’t do much.  When my kids and husband are settled, get in a great workout, fulfill amazing PosyPark orders, cook a killer meal, clean, and walk the dogs, I feel beautiful!   

{SS}: What is your “Style Archetype?”

{LH}: Trendy Chic.

{SS}: Who is your Style Icon? 

{LH}: Too many to name.  I adore Iris Apfel for many reasons, mainly because she is unique and has her own sense of style.  I admire anyone who takes risks and thinks out of the box.  I admire Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, as she was a classic trendsetter.  Today, I think Amal Cloonly has a great total sense of style.  She is so well put together and polished.  On the other hand, Sienna Miller is ridiculous as she is fun, flirty, and has a more wild side.  At the end of the day, design and fashion is listening to and wearing what makes you feel good.  


{SS}: Where do you find fashion + style inspiration? 

{LH}: I find it everywhere.  And I am constantly looking.  It can be books, travel, magazines, newspapers, celebrity, and color, just life.  I allow it to speak to me.  If it does for 3 days, then I pull the trigger.  That’s my rule. I trust my shopping instinct, but if I’m not 100% sure, I go by the 3-day rule.     

{SS}: What is your power song?

{LH}: From Rocky IV, No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper.  Anything from Rocky when he trains in Moscow.  That soundtrack will get you pumped up.  Rocky trained using the elements of mountains, snow, and rivers.  It was unbelievable.  Similarly, music is like flowers and very emotional.  Some days I listen to rap and I love Big Sean and Future.  Some days its alternative.  Right now I love all electronic music.  Chet Faker is amazing; actually he goes by his real moniker Nick Murphy now.  Or Flume.  (love Flume!) 

{SS}: What is your power outfit or accessory?

{LH}: Honestly, I think your power accessory or outfit is YOU.  You are the total package.  There are days when I feel great in a pair of jeans, a dress, or maybe workout clothes and au natural is just as good.  Sometimes, it’s just that one piece, boots, a jacket, or an amazing bag.  It’s all in the attitude and the mindset.  If you feel it, you own it.  You can truly accomplish it all if the mindset is there!  I will admit; a good blowout hair dry always helps!  Always remember that less is more.    


{SS}: Who inspires you and why? 

{LH}: Positive people inspire me.  I’m always most touched and moved by people who think and act positively.

{SS}: What are YOUR “words to live by?" {LH}:

And it’s so true.  I’m trying to teach my kids this right now.  Put both feet in and do your best…it will show.  One foot in will never work.  Halfway out the door is not the way.  It’s a blessing and a curse to care so much and feel so deep.  This is true.  I feel this way about PosyPark.   


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