Over ten years ago, I worked a summer internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine in New York City. During the hectic summer – which was a “hands-on” and worthwhile experience, I had the opportuntity to connect with some incredible girls who were also interning. I’ve stayed in touch with many of those girls – who have become accomplished ladies! Recencently one of those gals, Emily Hertz, launched her own lifestyle Blog called, “Born on Fifth.” I am beyond thrilled for her new venture and excited to share her story. Read the interview below. – Rachel Schostak

{SS}:? What is your current profession?

{EH}: After eight years in the corporate world working at Spanx, most recently as the Director of Marketing, I decided to step out on my own and start Born on Fifth, a lifestyle site which covers style, fitness and life with my daughter, Elle.

{SS}:? Tell us about your typical day.

{EH}: No two days are the same! As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly evolving with the business. From working on my content strategy to taking meetings with other women doing inspiring things, I’m lucky to be in a role with a lot of flexibility.

{SS}:? What do you love about your job?

{EH}: I love meeting so many amazing women. I just got back from a weekend in New York City, where I attended the Create & Cultivate conference. I also popped by a brunch thrown by Hey Mama and Hatch Collection…my head is spinning with inspiration and ideas!

{SS}:? What would you tell your 23-year-old self?

{EH}: When I was 23, I was working for an (amazing!) company but had an interest in starting a blog. I was always afraid to start because I didn’t think it was going to be as perfect as I wanted it to be. I wish I had followed my instinct back then…I’d be a lot farther along today!

{SS}:? Advice to new moms thinking about starting their own business?  Is it challenging to turn off the “work mode” and go into “Mommy mode” – or have you been able to incorporate your motherhood into your business?

{EH}: Becoming a mother is actually what inspired me to start my own business. I wanted to start something my daughter could look back on and be proud of…and of course making your own schedule is nice. I have to admit though, I think working from home/for yourself may be harder since there are less boundaries!

{SS}:? Where do you get your daily news fix?

{EH}: I like to read Business of Fashion pretty regularly. I know Instagram isn’t intended to be a new site, but it’s pretty much my go-to for everything these days.

{SS}:? What do you do to make you feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on anything?

{EH}: Lately I’ve been getting into a skincare routine and I just bought a jade roller. I also feel most confident in a pair of heels, though recently I’m into mules because they’re a bit more practical. These are my favorites as of late, Rosette Floral-Embroidered Linen Block Heel Mules.

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{SS}:? What is your “Style Archetype?” 

{EH}: My Style Archetype is Classic… while I agree with this, I like also like to think of myself as Sophisticated with an edge.

{SS}:? Who is your Style Icon?

{EH}: Aerin Lauder and Lauren Santo Domingo are two women that come to mind.

{SS}:? What is your power outfit or accessory?

{EH}: I love Mother jeans, cropped at the ankle, a tank and a classic jacket (whether it’s from Zara or Lisa Perry)…pair that with mules and I’m ready to take on the world!

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{SS}:? Who inspires you and why?

{EH}: I’m inspired by so many women…especially lately. Paula Knight, who worked for the WSJ Off Duty section and is now Director of Content at J.Crew, just had twin boys (in addition to her precious daughter, Mila). I met her recently and she was so cool…I aspire to be as successful and seemingly balanced in my career and life.

{SS}:? What are YOUR “words to live by” OR favorite saying/quote?

{EH}: One of my mentors, Laurie Ann Goldman, gave me this advice once. She said, “The glory of life is in the imperfections.” It’s so true!

{SS}:? Favorite Spot for Breakfast, Lunch and or Dinner:

{EH}: Le Bilboquet is our favorite dinner spot in the neighborhood and you can’t go wrong with lunch at Cafe at Pharr. I don’t often go out for breakfast, but my husband loves West Egg.

{SS}:? Favorite Coffee Spot:

{EH}: Corso Coffee (especially good on the rare occasions I treat myself to a cappuccino).

{SS}:? Favorite Boutique:

{EH}: The owner of Tulipano, Mary Swanson, is one of the sweetest and most encouraging women I’ve met recently. I’ve found a lot of great pieces (especially earrings) at her boutique in the past couple of months and definitely recommend checking out her shop (it’s right by Cafe at Pharr…lunch and shopping made easy!).

{SS}:? Any other FAVORITE local spots? 

{EH}: Check out my site, bornonfifth.com, for an Atlanta city guide! I share some of my other favorite spots. If you’re in the neighborhood, shoot me an email or DM me on Instagram @bornonfifth! I’d love to connect.