Style Spotlight: Jaclyn Trop

Meet, Jaclyn Trop, award-winning journalist and automotive reporter of Detroit, LA, and New York. Last year, she featured an interview on Styleshack's founder, Rachel Schostak, on Fortune Magazine. Now it's our chance to feature this Leading Lady's incredible accomplishments.

Styleshack Buzz!

"Ever since she can remember, Rachel Schostak has been into fashion. As the family story goes, Rachel started her career in fashion as a toddler. 'I was always fascinated with clothes, picking out my own outfits – sometimes five a day!'"

Designer Spotlight: Lux Lake

"Lux Lake came to be by a love and passion for art, fashion and all things beautiful. I have lived my life with the juxtaposition of being a so called 'girly-girl' on the outside and a free spirit on the inside. I enjoy the touch of luxurious fabrics on my skin, expensive beauty products, and lavish vacations."

Business Spotlight: Dubin Cleaners

We recently had the chance to catch up with Sam Dubin, the fourth and youngest generation working at his family's local dry-cleaning company. Read on to discover the rich family history, unique laundry services (for everything from designer fashion to household items!) and Sam's favorite local picks.

Styleshack Staff Picks {Melissa Barrows}

Meet Melissa Burke: Styleshack's Graphic Designer. Tell us a little about yourself? Hi there- I'm Melissa! I'm from Birmingham, MI and I recently graduated from the University of Michigan's School of Art & Design.

Styleshack Staff Picks {Melissa Barrows}

Meet Melissa Barrows: Styleshack Executive Tell us a little about yourself? Hello!  I'm the other Melissa! I'm from Rochester, MI. I started off working for an interior design firm, but have found that I am just as much interested in fashion as I am in design.