Designer Spotlight: Autumn Jacob

Autumn Jacob, a sophomore at the University of Michigan and in the School of Information, proves that age is but a number. I had the pleasure to sit down with her and learn about her business, Society Stitched and how she manages to balance being a Leading Lady and a full-time student.      {SS}: Tell us […]

Designer Spotlight {MP FASHION – Mila Pershyna}

We had the opportunity to chat with talented designer, Mila Pershyna of MP Fashion. From traveling all of the over the globe to settling down in Detroit she's created a wearable yet chic collection made in the USA. Read about her career journey in our interview below. {SS}: Can you give us a brief background […]

Designer Spotlight: TRYBE

  Chances are most of the items hanging in your closet were made in either China, Taiwan, or India, & were produced under unethical working conditions. Most believe that this type of clothing production is necessary to provide us with affordable clothing choices, but the USA manufactured brand, Trybe, is paving the way for a […]

Designer Spotlight: Ella Designs {Eco Chic – Made with a Mission}

Ella Designs: Designer is a on a mission to raise money and awareness for bipolior research one necklace at a time!  One of our Styleshack featured Designers has an amazing mission behind her company. Ella Designs is raising money and awareness for bi-poloar research.   Below, she gives an update on how the company did […]

Designer Spotlight: Veronica Beard

The Styleshack Team is thrilled to take part in the upcoming Veronica Beard Spring & Fall 2015 collection event at SHE Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the non-profit organization, Humble Design. Our team is passionate about "shopping for a cause" and happy to know the Veronica Beard brand is on board too.    In […]