The world of Fashion is extremely competitive. Much of what we saw in "The Devil Wears Prada" – long hours, crazy demands, and a long line of others just waiting for you to fail so they can take over, is true. And Mariana Keros, a fashion industry expert and the trusted voice in Trend Forecasting and Product Development, has been in the business for over 20 years. 

She has done everything from covering runway shows in Paris, NYC, and Milan, to translating runway trends into sell-able and relatable retail marketing products. After the shows, she prepares presentations and recaps for the companies she works with. Essentially she researches the global trends and translates it to a store level. 

She has all of the right qualities; drive, work ethic, confidence, style and grace. So its no surprise she is the best in her field. But what really struck me, is that Mariana has one of the warmest personalities I've ever encountered. She really listens to what others have to say, makes them feel comfortable and goes out of her way to help them advance their careers. These are qualities few people possess regardless of industry, and what sets her apart as one of our favorite Leading Ladies! 

I first got connected with Mariana because she is the keynote speaker for the upcoming Heart to Heart GLAMLunch benefitting the Florine Ministrelli Women's Heart Center at Beaumont.  Top sponsors attending the luncheon will be able to enjoy a New York Fashion Week Recap & Spring 2017 Trend Forecast by Mariana. Since I am co-chairing this years luncheon, I thought it would be wonderful to give our Styleshack readers a glimpse of what she will be sharing at the GLAMLunch on October 20th.  

During the interview, I was so inspired by her career journey, classic cool style, and charming demeanor that I knew she had to be featured as a Leading Lady. 

I was honored to sit down with Mariana at the Townsend Hotel a few weeks ago and hope you enjoy her interview as much as I did. 


{SS}:  Tell us about your current business? 

{Mariana}: I am a global trend consultant, tracking fashion and lifestyle trends. As a retail strategist and media personality, my international portfolio of clients rely on my design sense and creative direction.

{SS}: Tell us about your typical day? 

{Mariana}:  My day starts early as I am an early riser. I make coffee or green tea, flip through TV (7:00 am – 9:00 am) CBS Morning News with Charlie Rose, WXYZ channel 20, CNBC financial news.  Around 9am I work on current projects, which could include TV appearances and of course go over emails.  During that time I also research web sites from fashion, travel to lifestyle. I usually have a business lunch. In between I communicate with clients and reach out to new ones. I try to fit in some sort of exercise (walk or work out at home) and close the day by relaxing and watching TCM (Turner Classic Movies) in the evening, as I'm passionate about classic films.

{SS}: What do you love, about your job? 

{Mariana}:  I love doing TV appearances; highlighting new trends, new ideas, red carpet recaps, new stores. Television is a great way to reach a large audience, and my objective is to inform, educate and entertain the viewer as an experienced credible contributor. Fashion, and lifestyle trends are exciting, fun, and can influence our choices. I've spent most of my adult life immersed in the BUSINESS of fashion.

{SS}: With your expertise in everything from product development to merchandising, marketing and everything in between, is there one area you are personally, most passionate about?

{Mariana}: I'm most passionate about trend forecasting. I think I have a natural ability to see and sense when something new is emerging.  

{SS}: The fashion industry has changed considerably in the past few years. How has this affected how you do your job?

{Mariana}: There used to be more lead time to report back on the trends – now, there is much faster turn around time. However, the changes have offered more convenience for me to do my job - Thanks to technology and digital access, I can cover the shows and watch the runways from home!

{SS}: Any advice to those starting out in your profession?

{Mariana}: Nothing can replace hard work or really knowing the fashion industry – the process, trends and the market. Establish a strong work ethic, demonstrate a positive can-do attitude, work on verbal communication skills, believe that anything is possible, and never give up.

{SS}: What would you tell your 23-year-old self?  

{Mariana}: Put "having a baby " on the top of your life priority list.

{SS}: Where do you get your daily news fix?   

{Mariana}: Reading BOF (Business of Fashion) emails. (EDITORS NOTE: SO DO WE!)

{SS}: What do you do to make yourself feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on anything?  

{Mariana}:  1. Educate myself on nutrition; eat healthy. Exercise. (a body in motion stays in motion…)   2. Smile and laugh often. 3. First thing in the morning I lay in bed and list (in my head) everything I'm grateful for. I do the same thing when I go to bed at night. 

{SS}: What is your “Style Archetype?”

{Mariana}: Classic with a modern edge.  Current favorite designers are a little more edgy (Rag and Bone, Victoria Beckham)

{SS}: Who is your Style Icon?

{Mariana}: Ali MacGraw and Iris Apfel, she defines style that is ageless. 


{SS}: What is your power outfit or accessory (the thing you know you look and feel YOUR best in? 

{Mariana}: CHANEL jacket, jeans, Hermes cuff. 

{SS}: Who inspires you and why?  

{Mariana}:  First, my parents inspire me.  My mother is the most elegant, classy woman I know and is still very interested in fashion.  My father lit up every room he walked into. His entertaining personality is still referenced today by my close friends who were fortunate enough to know him. A day doesn't go by that I don't miss him terribly. I can't imagine having a better up bringing and childhood. I am blessed.

Also, in the business world there have many people who have inspired me along the way. A few that come to mind, are: 

Brenda Rosenberg, a real trend setter. She was Visual Presentation and Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue Detroit / Troy, first female Vice President of Fashion for Hudsons, later promoted to Senior Vice President of Fashion and Product Development (1978-1985).

Gretchen Snow Ruff: she was a real powerhouse and I truly learned a lot from her as I worked directly with her. One of my greatest memories was my first New York Fashion Week experience with her.  

Michael Francis - who spent more than two decades at Target Corporation and brief stints at J.C. Penney and Gap, as well as DreamWorks Animation’s first-ever chief global brand officer. We worked together during his time at Dayton-Hudsons Corp. He really developed the whole "Pop Up Shop" concept launching Issac Mizrahi. Learned a lot from him. 

{SS}: I'm sure you have so many special stories of your experiences and adventures while covering the shows in Paris and New York and working with talented designers and brands. Is there one experience that sticks out?  

{Mariana}:  "One of my favorite fashion memories took place in the lobby of the Hotel Lancaster in Paris. It was during fashion week, and I was there representing Marshall Fields department store as their Trend Director at that time.  Michael Kors was a good friend of Fields as we hosted numerous trunk shows that highlighted his American collection. He used to attend those trunk shows and consult with the customers on their fashion choices right there in the dept. Can you imagine?!  He had recently become the head designer for the Paris Label, Celine,  and was also staying at the Lancaster. Keep in mind, the Lancaster is the quintessential boutique hotel; intimate, sophisticated, very chic, and truly a hidden gem. 

Side note: I'm neurotic when it comes to hotel stays, and had discovered the Lancaster after exhaustive research, as the perfect Paris choice.  To my delight and surprise Micheal was also staying there because Celine's office was nearby.   

He happened to be in the lobby late one evening finalizing the music for his Celine show. I had just returned with fellow Field's execs and we were about to get a night cap. I'll never forget that late night experience as we all discussed fashion and shared funny stories, of course Michael holding court with his amazing wit! Since then he has become an international superstar, Bravo! I was then and remain, one of his biggest fans. He is truly a genius."

{SS}: Words to live by? 

{SS}: Favorite Local Spots: (we would love to know your “go-to spots” from anywhere in the world)


  • Breakfast spot: Townsend Hotel particularly Sunday's.
  • Coffee spot: Mornings on vacation with friends, that first cup, still in PJ's.
  • Boutique: Favorite LOCAL boutique: John Varvatos, and can you add my favorite international boutique is Colette in Paris, which is currently celebrating its 20th year! It was always a "must stop " on all Paris trend trips.
  • Hotel lobby: Amanghani, Jackson Hole WY
  • Travel: Nantucket 


{SS}: Ok, now lets talk fashion trends! I'm dying to know your take on the MUST have fall trends for 2016? 


1. Military inspired pieces – there are so many ways to wear this trend and I love the creative design from Theory, Balmain, and YSL to name a few. Try a military jacket this season. 

2. Velvet – look for a great velvet pant suit or perhaps a great velvet block heel (Nine West, for example).  {Editors Note: Shop some of our favorite VELVET – currently on}

3. Feminine Blouse – flouncy with lace detail.

4. Puffer – in a cool way. Metallic puffers or try wearing it with a midi skirt – non traditional but very chic. 

5. Leopard – this never goes out of trend. Try a belted leopard trench or even leopard in grey or blue booties (Nine West). Everyone should have a great pair of leopard shoes in their closet (loafer, boot or stiletto heel). 

{SS}: What are the MUST have trends for Spring 2017? 


1. Silver Metallic

2. New take on trench coats

3. The color yellow 

4. Menswear pinstripes ( blue/white )

5. Ruffle detail 

Those are just a FEW of the MAJOR Spring 2017 trends, she will be sharing all of her MUST have SPRING 2017 trends at the upcoming Heart to Heart luncheon on October 20th. 

Thank you again to Mariana for such a wonderful and inspiring interview. To meet Mariana and get the full scoop on her Spring 2017 trends, from the New York Paris, Milan, and London runways, you won't want to miss the Heart to Heart Glam Lunch!  It will be all things fashion… from global fashion trends, a gourmet lunch in a chic hotel, and all for a good cause – what could be better? 

Tickets can be purchased here OR by calling Katie Groves at 248 551-3609. We hope to see you there!