Do you know how hard it is to built a blog? Let alone build a blog and be so dedicated, inspiring, witty and charming, that you amass over 3.6 Million followers on Pinterest alone? Seriously. 3.6  M I L L I O N! Well, Jennifer Fishkind knows. She is the beautiful brains behind Princess Pinky Girl, a lifestyle blog that the Styleshack crew is obsessed with. Naturally, we wanted to hear more from such a successful fellow blogger, but as we got to know her, we were blown away by all she's accomplished before Princess Pinky Girl ever came to be - Former Director of the National Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, devoted wife and mom of three boys, loving daughter and sister, and incredible friend. Jenns success as a blogger is just the icing on the cute, frosted cupcakes she makes. 

Jenn spent 17 years with the JDRF where she was"fortunate to work with an amazing team and was constantly feeling challenged and rewarded. I was lucky to have a job where I was actually making a difference in the world of diabetes research." For 15 years, Jennifer was the associate director for the Walk to Cure Diabetes, which raised $100 million per year for the National Headquarters! Between overseeing day-to-day operations, programming and training, she was responsible for starting an online fundraising program called Team JDRF – focusing on third party fundraisers and community events. 

During those 17 years, she also met and married her husband and had three beautiful boys. And after many years of working for JDRF, she decided to leave the company to focus on her family. With her passion for family, food, fashion and DIY, soon thereafter, Princess Pinky Girl was born! 

So just who is Princess Pinky Girl? "Anyone who appreciates and gets distracted by sparkles, glitter, pink and any Disney Princess movie – we all have a little Princess Pinky Girl in us – some of us just choose to embrace it a little more than others." Ain't that the truth! Read on to learn more about our Leading Lady of the week. And excuse me while I go make her recipe for super easy S'more Bites... 


{SS}: Tell us about your blog – Princess Pinky Girl.

{Jennifer}: I am a Michigan-based food, lifestyle, and family blogger. My blog, Princess Pinky Girl, aims to inspire women, moms, and families about how to live their lives with ease, enjoyment, and a little sparkle here and there. I write features and articles that focus on fashion, easy cooking, holidays, DIY ideas, tips for families, and even family friendly travel.  I get an average of about 1 million to 3 million page views per month. I also have a Pinterest following of 3.6 million and more than 350K Facebook fans. 

{SS}: Tell us about your typical day. 

{Jennifer}: Every morning, I go online, check the statistics within the last 24 hours with social media sharing. 80% of work is social media, while 20% is new content.  That will probably be for a few hours in the morning, and then I do some personal mom stuff. I get the kids ready for school, camp, etc. as well as my list of groceries. Some days I go out to eat with my friends, but most of the time I run around doing your typical mom errands and then head back home for more blogging. I have some bloggers to assist Princess Pinky Girl and we contact one another to share our content with each other. By that time, it's time to pick up my kids, make dinner, and then hang out on the computer till about 11 o'clock at night. Every day is pretty similar – especially being in the online world. I'm constantly working! 

{SS}: What is your favorite part of your day?

{Jennifer}: When everything is set and done for the next day. It is the icing on the cake! When I am not on the computer, it's a relief and a blessing!

{SS}: What are your biggest hurdles or challenges you face in running your business?

{Jennifer}: My biggest challenge I face within my business is the lack of control with social media. It is constantly changing! It's a puzzle to figure out. Having to figure out how to beat the system. There are many changes and algorithms in all the platforms with how to play the game.  

{SS}: And what is your biggest challenge as a mom and a wife?

{Jennifer}: My biggest challenge as a mom and a wife is balancing time! Having to balance everything, while finding the time for myself, and doing things that I want to do.

{SS}: How do you mentally prepare yourself to get through those daily challenges?

{Jennifer}: I take it one day at a time. I make sure to not get too caught up. Losing at my analytics gets me crazy! There is only so much that I can do, but when I'm putting my best foot forward, then it is ALL GOOD!!

{SS}: What would you like to tell yourself on those days where it is all too overwhelming?

{Jennifer}: Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm – I always use exclamation points! With people reading my stuff on my blog, I make sure my enthusiasm and voice is behind everything for others to listen, and to hear it. 

{SS}: When you have one of those "bad" days, what do you do to "comfort" yourself or indulge in?

{Jennifer}: I stop what I'm doing, and walk away. I take a break. Sometime needing to take a break, especially working on my own, is the best way to comfort myself. I also enjoy playing tennis, working out at the gym, and attending Cycle and Row classes. With one of those "bad" days, I put it in perspective, then shut it off. The best way to comfort myself is having lunch with my friends and spending time with my kids. I do it EVERYDAY!!!

{SS}: What is the thing you are best at and makes you your happiest self?

{Jennifer}: Easy recipes! They're one of my favorite things to do – especially since I'm so good at them! Hearing what my audience has to say, especially that they love my blog, what I do, etc. those are all the things that make me my happiest self! It makes me feel really good. It makes me want to continue to do more!

Specifically those mom moments – I do something for your kids, I know my mom would have done the exact same thing. 

{SS}: Who inspires you and why?

{Jennifer}: My mom, no doubt! We cannot go more than a couple of hours without each of us calling each other. She inspires me to be better at everything I do, especially with my family.

{SS}: Running a business, being a wife, mom, etc. can take its toll. What do you do to make yourseslf feel beautiful, confident, and ready to take on anything?

{Jennifer}: I take time for me. Ever since I had my first child, my husband and I travel together – just us two. The past four-to-five years, I have a girls trip. Taking the time for myself is a refresher, and it's very important. Doing things with my husband is very, very important – it helps our relationship. As well as doing it with my girlfriends.

{SS}: What is your power song?

{Jennifer}: Fight Song by Rachel Platten. It is very empowering! I listen to the lyrics which really tells a store. Kelly Clarkson is also very inspiring, girl power!!!

{SS}: What is your power outfit or accessory that you know you always wear and feel great in?

{Jennifer}: Yoga pants and a tank. That's all I wear! Literally! I work in it, play in it, and run around in it. They're my work clothes!

{SS}: What is your "Style Archetype"?


{SS}: What are your favorite items currently on Styleshack?



Signorelli Watermelon Tee Cotton & Copper Boutique, Chaser Triblend Short Sleeve Crew Guys N Gals


Chaser Money Talks ACDC Tank Guys N Gals, Chaser Living the Dream Tee Guys N Gals, Off the Shoulder Embroidered Top Cotton & Copper Boutique

{SS}: As you know, Styleshack is all about shopping local and supporting independent boutiques and businesses. What is your favorite local boutiques?

{Jennifer}: Rear Ends has a huge selection of jeans as well as some cute and comfy tops. Guys N Gals is another favorite of mine. With a variety of jeans, graphic tees, and even beautiful dresses, they're sure to be one of my favorites! Leon and Lulu is a fun place to shop. They have everything from clothing for men and women, one-of-a-kind furniture, and even a selection of gifts and accessories.

{SS}: What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?

{Jennifer}: Since we have a pool, on a nice summer night, the neighbors all come over and hang out. We run around, play in the pool – it's all about enjoying each other. Those are my favorite times. We also travel a lot, especially with the family; we love it!

{SS}: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What would you like to be doing or have accomplished?

{Jennifer}: I have a second blog site, which I hope to grow just as big as Princess Pinky Girl has! I would like to have accomplished building it with more support system, and leading within the social media industry. I don't think it would be anymore different, but with social media constantly changing, who really knows what it will be like.