Marilyn Monroe gives the greatest advice to women, "give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world".  

Shoes, shoes, shoes, I mean who doesn't love shoes?! Katie Ray Johnston definitely does! This beautiful, talented, down to earth mommy is a stylish and smart shoe loving woman, whom we are pretty obsessed with.  Katie is co-owner of Sundance Shoes, a local shoe boutique in West Bloomfield, MI, where she works side by side with her father Rob Wolk, who has managed the successful business for over forty years.

Katie, along with her father and manager, Robin, scours the country for the best brands, trendy and most covetted shoes.  What we love most about the selection at Sundance, Katie makes a point to offer classic and comfortable shoe options as well.  

Katie has a keen eye for selecting the trendiest yet classic products for her customers. And with her down to earth and fun personality, I highly recommend shopping with Katie at Sundance! 

She is a very proud big sis to her younger brother Jimmy, who was the leading role in the film Front of the Class, and currently plays Jackson Oz on the TV phenomenon ZOO. As you can tell, Katie has a very special place in her heart with her family.

Since working with her father for so many years, seeing her brother grow into a talented and rising star in Hollywood, to being her mother's twin, literally, we cannot admire her family bond! 

"Katie is the ultimate cool", we don't know how she does it. Between running her business and taking care of her family, I wanted to learn more about Katie's balancing act.  In the interview below she shares a snapshot into her life, and the many elements that make her a true, Leading Lady!  

{SS}: Tell us about your typical day:

{Katie}: I wake up on the earlier side, have some morning coffee, and then I wake my kids up. Once they're awake, I get some breakfast going for the kids and myself and once they're comfortable and good to go, I get myself ready for some morning yoga!!

After my morning routine, I head on over to Sundance Shoes just before ten o'clock and work just about all day.

When the kids are in school, or not, I will pick them up or even relieve the babysitter.  Dinner gets going before the kids, myself, and my husband all head over to the park to watch my son play some baseball.  Once I put the kids to bed, its finally time to chill with my hubby! Everyday is pretty much the same, however everyday is definitely different in some way!

{SS}: Any current projects you're working on?

{Katie}: Currently, my father and I are close to completion of our second store located in Downtown Birmingham! It's very exciting!

{SS}: What are the biggest challenges in the opening of the new business? 

{Katie}: My biggest challenge of opening a new business is juggling my time.

I'm constantly having decisions to make, constantly meeting with tradesmen, as well as making sure my merchandise comes in on time. I am also emailing and making phone calls daily to ensure everything is running smoothly and on time!

{SS}: What is your biggest hurdle as a mom and a business woman?

{Katie}: My biggest hurdle as a mom and a business owner is definitely not having enough hours in the day! 

{SS}: What do you do to mentally prepare yourself to overcome those hurdles/daily struggles?

{Katie}: I make the time to overcome the hurdles, I literally do not stop, ever! However I do make time for everything and everyone both with my family and my business.

{SS}: You've been in business for a long time. What are some of the things you've learned or advice for other women starting a business?

{Katie}: My advice is, "be passionate and to believe in what you are building with any business! If you truly love what you do, as well as believe in it, you will be successful."

{SS}: What is the thing that you are awesome at – the thing that makes you happy and you know you are the best at?

{Katie}: I think I'm pretty awesome at being a mom! I have so much fun with my kids! 

{SS}: What do you like to do with your kids?

{Katie}: I love taking my kids to the park, especially on a beautiful summer day! In the summer we go to the pool, splash pad, we play with robots in the garage, we do kids yoga together, as well as Airtime and the movie theatre. We love to do new, fun stuff all the time! I love hanging out with my kids, they are so much fun!

{SS}: What do you do to make you feel beautiful, confident, and ready to take on anything?

{Katie}: I practice yoga, which is my release from everything. When I'm in the yoga room on my mat, it's only me! Everyone needs it! It's my drug!

{SS}: What is your "Style Archetype"?


{SS}: Who is your Style Icon?

{Katie}: Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren


{SS}: What are your current favorite items on Styleshack?



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{SS}: What is your power song?

{Katie}: I do not really have a power song, but every time I'm in the car with my kids, we listen to music really loud and sing and dance!! That always pumps me up. We act very silly and sing like no one is around us but us! 

{SS}: What is your power outfit or accessory (the thing you know you look and feel your best in, whether its for work, staying at home, playing, etc.)?

{Katie}: I love being in the biggest sweats I have, totally cozy! But having my hands and toes done, that always makes me feel great! 

{SS}: Who inspires you and why? 

{Katie}: My husband inspires me! We have been best friends for fifteen years. He is always behind me, and supports me in my decisions, as I do for him. Together we inspire one another. My parents have also been very inspiring to me. 

{SS}: What are your favorite local restaurants for lunch or dinner?

{Katie}: Luxe Bar & Grill in Birmingham is one of my favorite spots! Its a very unique experience that I thoroughly enjoy, especially the character it has.  Ronin is another favorite of mine because I love sushi!! Noble Fish is another favorite sushi place of mine, everything is always on point! It's great because they do lots of take-out and that is always easier to bring home for my family and I to enjoy.

{SS}: What are your favorite local boutiques?

{Katie}: Essence Clothing always has fun and funky clothing that I absolutely LOVE!!!! I consider myself to be funky and the boutique always has something for me.  Capsule Detroit is a great store because they always have really cool clothing for leisure wear, fitness, as well as yoga! For my favorite jeans wear, comfortable and trendy clothing, Rear Ends is another favorite of mine. For my favorite perfumes, candles, makeup, skin care, and much more, Ruby's Balm has everything!!! I promise, go check these places out!

{SS}: What are your words to live by?