It is very hard to believe that the woman in these pictures could possibly have low-self esteem…I mean, she's gorgeous! But self-acceptance is something most of us struggle with off and on our entire lives. Whether it's the media, a tendency to compare ourselves to other people, or even people straight out telling us we aren't enough. And Brittany Hinrichs, one of our favorite bloggers from the Windy City, is no different.

By day, she is a rockstar Social Media Manager and PR expert. By night, she is a pink-obsessing, coffee-loving lifestyle blogger with a keen eye for spotting cool city spaces, restaurants and people, which she features on her blog When, Where & Now. But what inspires us most is her commitment to help other women find their inner-happy. By opening up about her own issues, she is starting a dialog and helping others recognize they need to "Stop caring what other people think about how you look, and just focus on what makes you happy! If you feel good that’s all that should matter!"

We couldn't agree more! Find out more about this chic, fabulous, and REAL fashionista by reading our interview below: 

{SS}: Share your brief career journey and what is your current role today? 

{Brittany}: My career journey has been anything but ordinary. I’ve paved my way from working in retail to working on a freelance basis with different PR/ Marketing companies in Chicago all within a few years. My current freelance roles focus heavily on social media and client relations so it’s really the best of both worlds!

{SS}: What do you love about your job and blogging?

{Brittany}: I love that not any one day is the same. The thought of being trapped behind a desk all day, every day, gives me anxiety. So to be able to go out with clients, and be more hands on with both the blog and my freelance work…I wouldn’t have it any other way!

{SS}: Any current projects you are working on?

{Brittany}: I always have a lot going on, but most recently I found out that I will be going to New York Fashion Week this year for the first time! I'm excited to connect with some of my favorite brands and take in all the sights.

{SS}: Who inspires you in the business world? 

{Brittany}: This is a hard question for me. Since I spend most of my time with many inspiring female entrepurnuers and business woman it wouldn’t be fair to name just one! I get inspired by someone different each day as they each have their own area of expertice. I might be inspired by someone in the fashion industry one day and the financial sector the next – it really all depends on the kind of inspiration I’m looking for at that time. Overall, I’m just inspired by how strong woman have become in general – it makes me proud!

{SS}: What is your secret to work/life balance?

{Brittany}: The secret to having a work/ life balance is to do what you love! I know that sounds cheesy, but I’ve been lucky enough to turn my passion into a career so a lot of the time the line between work and play is blurred and I love that! Aside from doing what you love, having a great team also helps. If I need a day off, or help with a project, I know my team has my back 110% and that gives me peace of mind for when I do need to power down for awhile and let them take the reigns.

{SS}: What is your biggest hurdle/struggle in your industry/job?

{Brittany}: Definitely not having a day off. Being in Public Relations with a specialization in Social Media Management, there isn't really an option to take a full day off. Social media never sleeps and either do I!

{SS}: What do you do to mentally prepare yourself to overcome those hurdles/daily struggles?

{Brittany}: I listen to music – constantly! It helps me clear my head and really focus on what needs to be done. 

{SS}: What is the thing you are awesome at – the thing that makes you happy and you know you are the best at it?

{Brittany}: My blog and my job. Although both can be a lot of work, I enjoy them thoroughly and couldn't imagine my life without them!

{SS}: What do you do to make yourself feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on anything?

{Brittany}: I believe that feeling beautiful begins within, but great skin never hurts either! I love going makeup free whenever I can so weekly facemask's are a must! I love the Mega Green Galaxy Pack and Moisturizing Moon Mask from Glossier!

{SS}: Who inspires your style? 

{Brittany}: I find a lot of my outfit inspiration from other bloggers overseas. Particularly Australians! They totally crush any American bloggers style without even trying! If we’re talking celebs though, I’d say Miranda Kerr and Kate Bosworth are two of my favorties!  

{SS}: Who is your Style Icon?  

{Brittany}: Coco Chanel. 

{SS}: What is your power song?

{Brittany}: I don't have one specific song that makes me feel like I can take on the world, but I'd say that anything by Drake really lifts my mood!

{SS}: In regards to your personal style, do you have a signature accessory?

{Brittany}: The only thing that stays consistent with every outfit are two rings that I was given by each one of my parents! They both have a very special meaning to me so they rarely come off, no matter what the occasion or outfit.

{SS}: A few items in your "Styleshack" A.K.A closet that you can't live without?  

{Brittany}: Sneakers (currently loving my new pair of metallic Nike Air Max), oversized sunglasses, my light pink lip color, a piece of leather (either my leather pants or a jacket) and a large handbag!

{SS}: What is your Style Archetype? 


{SS}: What are your current favorite items on Styleshack?



Darling Off the Shoulder Top Cotton & Copper Boutique, Chaser Silk Basic V Back Tank Cotton & Copper Boutique


Everly Beach Blushin Top Cotton & Copper Boutique, Distressed to Impress Denim Shorts Cotton & Copper Boutique


I also love this Rose Soiree shirt that I recently shot for my blog.  

{SS}: Favorite lifestyle, food or business blog?

{Brittany}:  Some of my favorites right now are; Public Lives Secret Recipes, Eat Travel Rock, Fashion Jackson, Happily Grey, Glitter Guide, and The Everygirl.

{SS}: Favorite "local" boutiques?

{Brittany}: There are many boutiques I love here in Chicago such as Felt, VMR, and Sonador, but I do love some of the local boutiques abroad as well. Colette in Paris and Emballage in Australia.

{SS}: Favorite fashion social media app or social media site?   

{Brittany}: I basically live on all social media platforms, but if I had to choose one, Instagram would take the cake!

{SS}: Beach read? or currently reading…. 

{Brittany}:  When I’m not blogging, I’m an undercover history nerd, so right now I’m reading Cleopatra. It’s so interesting and quite inspiring to think that a woman was that powerful so long ago!

{SS}: Go-to spot for lunch or dinner in your hood? 

{Brittany}: I’m lucky to live in an amazing neighborhood with a lot of different resturants, but there’s a sushi place called Kamehachi. They have the best Shrimp Tempora!

{SS}: What are your words to live by?


Don't forget to follow Brittany on Instagram. She has one of the most aesthetically pleasing and romantic feeds you'll ever find! 

Photos by: Samantha Jean Photography