{SS}: What is keeping you busy these days? Share your current styling gigs?

{Chelsea Von Mach}: It's been a whirlwind wrapping up 2015 and jumping into a New Year. I just finished working with Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant on her new project starring Eva Longoria, Telenovela. It's always been a dream of mine to work with Janie. She is an extremely talented designer with an amazing vision. I'm currently on an indie film with Dakota Fanning and once that wraps, I'll be starting on American Idol The Farewell Season. I can't wait to start American Idol because I truly enjoy and love working with musicians. Musicians always have great sense of personal style, so it's fun to collaborate with them. Oh, and I've also been working with this magazine called Darling, quite innovative actually in that they are changing the beauty standards for women. Check them out here darlingmagazine.org


{SS}: Share a bit about your new FashTech venture?

{Chelsea Von Mach}: I started creating this database for my industry called MODASearch about 5 years ago. I was sitting with my family friend, Laura, (now my business partner) at the dinner table one night, stressed out about a stylist I was working for, and voiced my frustration to her that I wished there was a directory or database I could go to on-line with every contact I needed for this job. Laura said that this could totally be created in an online platform as a website/app that could solve this problem and save stylists the stress and extra headache of research and racing the clock for last minute photo shoots. It's as if all the stars aligned at that very moment and it was meant to be. Although we've taken some time to get the site up and running, because we both have other jobs, the need for such a solution in our industry kept us focused. We both strongly believe that MODASearch is unfolding at the perfect time. Check us out on Instagram @MODASearch to follow our journey as a fashion tech start up!

{SS}: Any pieces you are currently coveting to add into your wardrobe this season?

{Chelsea Von Mach}: Anything with big blouson sleeves or ruffles! Oh and flat, slipper mules. I'm obsessed with anything Gucci and Vetements, love their current collections.


{SS}: Can you pick a few of your fav items on Styleshack?

{Chelsea Von Mach}: It's so hard to pick! There's so much great stuff! 

BB Dakota Camel Maxi Jacket Meghan Marion, Michael Stars Black Short Sleeve Dress Meghan Marion, Cupcakes and Cashmere Fika Sweater Dress Meghan Marion

Children's Fuzzy Buddy Pillow GuysNGals, Mother Insider Crop Step Fray jeans GuysNGals, Personalized Necklaces GuysNGals

Capri Blue Printed Travel Tin Candle – Aloha Orchid Athalia's Boutique, Long Sleeve Knit Lace Up Front Blush Sweater Athalia's Boutique, The Giving Keys / DREAM / Classic Pendant / Antique Gold Athalia's Boutqiue

{SS}: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

{Chelsea Von Mach}: I've been saying it for the past 5 years but India will be my next destination!

Love the following travel items:


Oaxacan Duffle Will Leather Goods, Cloud Backpack Will Leather Goods, The Amédé Distressed Hat Will Leather Goods

{SS}: Your weekend wardrobe?

{Chelsea Von Mach}: A cute vintage dress w/ my YSL motorcycle boots. 

{SS}: Travel essential?

{Chelsea Von Mach}: The less you travel with, the more you can buy on the trip :). When I travel it's always jeans and a t-shirt with a cool coat and comfortable shoes. 

Everly Good Vibes Cotton T-Shirt Ferne Boutique, Denim Trench Coat Athalia's Boutique, Mother Insider Crop Step Fray jeans GuysNGals

{SS}: Whats your go-to beauty product?

{Chelsea Von Mach}: Vintners Daughter Face Serum & YSL Touche Eclat & Make Up Forever Liquid Eyeliner

{SS}: Currently finding inspiration from…

{Chelsea Von Mach}: I'm currently finding inspiration from travel. I'm obsessed with following National Geographic on Instagram. I've been googling indian weddings, Geishas, and Guatemala weaving looms for inspiration photos.

{SS}: Who should we be following on Instagram for Style Inspo?

{Chelsea Von Mach}: @NATGEO, @SeaofShoes, @Racontevintage, @Vetements_Official, @VirgilABloh, @JasonCampbellMalibu, @BeatrixOst & follow me @Chelsea_VonMach  !

{SS}: Lastly, mantra for 2016?

{Chelsea Von Mach}: