63a269_20e50cb80a864b559b188469941032a5.jpg_srz_p_427_650_75_22_0.50_1.20_0g6WMyIvNkNiRzF0t3Yk7yGL0W-5evSZ92K4l5DA_r40We live in such a fast pace hectic world. Our alarm clock doesn’t go off and we start our day off in survival mode. Our routine becomes mundane, acting out in autopilot. Have you ever driven somewhere and looked back and wondered how you got there? I feel this way when I go shopping. I typically get the same products and pick them up without even entertaining a thought. Shouldn’t we actually take time to think about what we are buying? Especially if the products we are purchasing are for our skin. Buying a product simply because we are in a rush and the packaging looks great should not be something we settle for.
If we educate ourselves on what we put on our body, it will not only empower us, it will also encourage us to take better care of this one body we have. Natural products are what I strive for. As we begin 2015, think about what we use on our Body {worrying about exposing our skin to harmful chemicals etc}.
q4JG29ZmLzeTuT7F6n8hO-vB9fY2pNJJw9x1kSAPJHYIf you are looking for organic / natural skincare solutions, I have to recommend Aeveka.  All of the Aeveka products are made out of all natural ingredients that are safe and gentle to the touch.
 My personal experience with Aeveka has been life changing! I love the smell of the fruits in the products.
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My daily regimen has consisted of these wonderful Aeveka products for over a year now. I can see a noticeable difference  in my skin after using these products for so long.Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.19.29 AM  I no longer have break outs. I look refreshed and the texture of my skin is no longer rough, but smooth to the touch. I am grateful to know that I am now giving my skin the natural food that it needs and deserves!
Health, Beauty & Style Contributor ~ Tosha Clemens
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