We sat down with one of the owners of the lovely Bella Mia Boutiques and newest addition to Styleshack! Read our below spotlight on Sarah Stobbe, from Bella Mia. {SS} What inspired you to start your Store?{BM} My mom and I have always loved to shop. Every time we would visit a new area, we'd be obsessed with finding the best boutiques. We were inspired to open a fashion shop in our own hometown, Plymouth, for our love of clothes and desire to bring exciting boutique shopping to this neighborhood.{SS} Currently, do you have a favorite style or trend you are wearing?{BM} I'm currently very into cropped skinny jeans- I'm wearing them with everything from heels to sneakers.{SS} In regards to YOUR personal style, do you have a signature look or accessory?{BM} If I can help it, I try to re-invent my personal style each day. However, I have yet to change up my big curly hair – so I guess that would have to be my signature accessory.{SS} A few items in your "Styleshack" (aka) closet that you can't live without? {BM} Dark blue jeans, vintage inspired dresses, black tights,military boots, and collared blouses …..a few more than a few!{SS} Who or What inspires your personal style?  Favorite Style Icon? {BM} Travel has a great influence on my personal style – I am always building looks based on upcoming adventures. My favorite style icon is, and will always be, my mom: she's never afraid to take a risk and wears everything with amazing confidence.

{SS} What is your Style Archetype?  {BM}  Boho chic


{SS} Favorite fashion or lifestyle blog?{BM} Thesocietyinc.com.au: Sibella Court is such a creative person- I'm continuously inspired by her shop.

{SS} Favorite "local" boutiques (besides your own)?{BM} Love RSVP for beauty knick-knacks and pretty cards as well as Bohemian Home for fabulous domestic accessories.{SS} Favorite Fashion App / Social Media Site? {BM} I can never get enough of Pinterest. I'm planning a wedding right now so I basically create and fill ten boards a day.

Check out Bella Mia's virtual showroom:
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