Hi!  Lisa from the Daily Martini here.  Are you as excited as I am about the launch of the Styleshack?  Have you checked out the site yet?  You totally should.  It’s a unique shopping experience where you’re served up products from local retailers in your area based on your specific style type.  Let me show you around. First things first you’ll want to sign-up and create an account.


 Then you can either shop by a specific item that you may be looking for, such as a blouse, coat, or bracelet.


 Or, you can take the quiz to identify your “style archetype”.  It’s a fun, quick, visual quiz, and you’ll be shown items that are tailored to your taste.  I recommend taking the quiz, if you’re not looking for something specific.  It’s helps narrow down your choices to stuff that you’ll really like.


 I’m the Trendy archetype, go figure!


 Check out the fun stuff I found.





 I love the Hemingway top, as a writer and a drinker, I totally appreciate the quote. It and the Frankenmuth bag can actually be bought online, which is convenient.  I’m super curious to see how the knit coat fits, so I’ll be putting it on hold and going to the Black Dress Co. to check it out.   You can hold an item for up to 48 hours at the boutique, and if it ends up not working for you, there’s no obligation. 


 I’ll keep you posted on my finds.  Explore the site for yourself and let me know the fun finds you come across. 

Yours truly,~ Lisa Anzell of The Daily Martinidscn1948