Store Spotlight: Nancy’s Linens

{SS} What inspired you to start your store?{Nancy} I first started with Vanity Plates at Oakland Mall in the 70's. I had a Kiosk and did quite well for myself.  I made great business but eventually Vanity Plates became discontinued. I then bought a monogrammed machine and sold through word-of-mouth. It was through friends and family […]

Store Spotlight: Bivouac

We had the opportunity to sit down with owner of, longtime Ann Arbor fashion/lifestyle staple store, Bivouac (known for their classic to sporty chic styles for men & women) Read our interview below: {SS} What inspired your father to open Bivouac? How has the store changed and evolved to what it is today? {AJ} My […]

Store Spotlight: Tender Birmingham

"We want shopping to be fun, no stress and for you to be able to leave with a rockin outfit that no one else has" {SS} Can you share a bit of history on the Store and the inception of Tender? How has Tender Birmingham evolved over the years? {Karen and Cheryl} The store started as a […]

Store Spotlight: Artloft

{SS} What inspired you to start your store?  {Rachael} Retail is in my family, it’s in the blood. I enjoy working with people and traveling and picking out things and introducing the global finds to people. I’m very service oriented. {SS} What do you love about your job?  {Rachael} Every day is different. Meeting and […]

Store Spotlight: Leigh’s

{SS} What is the history of Leigh's, when did it open? {Rebecca} The store was founded by Larry Leigh (thus the name) and we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary next year.  When the opportunity arose to purchase the store in 2005, I jumped at it!  Having been a Leigh’s customer for years, it was […]

Store Spotlight: Sofi Stella Boutique

Styleshack welcomes one of our newest boutiques Sofi Stella, located in Monroe, MI. We had the opportunity to interview Josephine, owner and buyer of Sofi Stella. She shares with us her insight to trends for both women and children as well as some personal favorites of hers. 

Store Spotlight: Extra Oomph!

We sat down with the owners of the very lovely, Extra Oomph! {home decor store} in Birmingham, Michigan!  Extra Oomph! is chic, charming and offers a wonderful product selection with a wide range in price point.  Besides home-decor, you will find great gifts, and curated collection of accessories.{SS} What inspired you to start your store? […]

Store Spotlight: Winky Designs

A new specialty boutique and designer showroom to join the Styleshack network is Winky Designs, a whimsical, fun and affordable brand specializing in awesome watches and other fashion accessory product lines (scarves, clutches, belts and more).   We interviewed, Winky Wu (the business chic brains behind, Winky Designs) Winky Wu has a unique and fun business […]

Store Spotlight: Essence Clothing

        We sat down with, Vanessa Foumia, owner of Essence Clothing Boutique, located in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Vanessa is a beautiful, smart and sweet business woman. While Essence has been in business for a strong 12 years, she sure knows how to keep each season fresh with on trend yet classic product offerings.  She keeps her […]