"La Dulce" which translates from Spanish to English as "the sweet," adequately describes this  little gem of a restaurant called La Dulce located in downtown Royal Oak. 

This modern and beautifully decorated tapas restaurant is designed to be more of a social gathering place than just a restaurant you dine in. Tapas are traditional Spanish style appetizers, served either hot or cold, and crafted to be enjoyed by more than one person. With low tables and couches seating, La Dulce provides the perfect atmosphere for guests to explore a variety of flavors while sipping on a glass of wine. Or two…

The immaculate ambiance and overall design of the restaurant transports you to another time and place. "The space is reminiscent of spending an evening in a Madrid home," and you feel exactly that after visiting the La Dulce. With elegantly unique features such as chandeliers made of white china tea cups and saucers, glass coffee tables, muted floral print walls, and open floor to ceiling shelving units that divide the space into dining nooks, La Dulce is not your average dining experience. 

A detailed and delicious menu matches the detailed and beautiful setting. From croquetas de lomo which are crisp little balls of potato and cured pork loin, to tomate con bonito, made with green and red heirloom tomato slices and tuna {pictured left}, the menu is full of surprising, flavorful elements and pairings. While everything on the menu is shareable, the soups are not. Gazpacho with Iberico ham and fava bean with saffron and chorizo is available every day along with a soup of the day. In addition to all of the flavorful creations, Spaniards favor potatoes, so expect a lot of different potato dishes. Patatas bravas {fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and aoili} and tortilla de patatas {an omelet-like dish with egg, potato and onion} are two classic potato tapas dishes included on the menu. And for dessert, churros! These deep-fried, sweet dough, cinnamon sugar spirals are the most sought after dish at La Dulce. To see a full menu listing visit, http://www.ladulce.com/menu/

But we can't forget the most important component to a typical Spanish style tapas dining experience… Wine! La Dulce provides a wide selection of Spanish, French, and other wines to compliment your appetizer choices. An array of Spanish sherries, top shelf liquor, and Spanish inspired handcrafted cocktails are also available to sip on throughout your time spent at this sweet little escape. Full cocktail menu here, http://www.ladulce.com/cocktails/

Beautiful decor, beautiful food, and a beautiful experience is what you can expect when visiting La Dulce. Stop in for happy hour with co-workers and chose from a smaller selection of tapas, take a date for a taste of Spain with the expanded evening menu, or devour the delicious brunch menu with girlfriends on Saturday or Sunday. Either way, don't forget to order the churros! 


For parties of 9 or more guests please call ahead to set up a prix fixe menu. Large party pricing starts at $30 a person. 

For more information visit http://www.ladulce.com/ 

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