Once upon a time, not so long ago, comfort and versatility were unheard of for being a main concern of any fashion designer. Wearing the same outfit for a multitude of activities seemed horribly wrong. But just as corsets have turned to Spanx, and skirts have turned to pants, workout gear has now turned into high fashion. Stores like Lululemon have paved the way for the Athleisure craze. The whole idea of athleisure is that workout clothes are no longer strictly for the gym. It’s all about taking the easy way out, in the most fashionable way possible.  Athleisure has opened the doors to a more casual lifestyle of wearing leggings for a night out, sneakers for a board meeting, and almost anything in between.

    We all have those days where the very thought of getting up and putting on “real world clothes” is something we dread. Lucky for us, joggers are the newest secret to a comfy – yet stylish – outfit. More form fitting than the regular pair of sweatpants, joggers allow us to feel the comforts of our pajamas inside, but look sophisticated and trendy on the outside. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner prove that in order to rock a pair of sweats, the key is accessorizing. Wearing a leather moto jacket, or having one of your favorite purses in hand can make this outfit perfect for any part of your daily routine.

     Matching colors and patterns together is a big trend for summer in the athleisure department. Celebrity, Kate Hudson, has her own line for athleisure called Fabletics. Featured in the line are matching leggings, sports bras, and tank tops that are filled with colors as vibrant as the actress herself. Matching a patterned pair of leggings with a solid colored top can make for a chic and trendy outfit in and out of the gym.

     From the looks of it, athleisure wear isn’t just another fad. According to NPD, in the past year Americans spent $1 billion more dollars than the year before on shoes and clothes specifically from athleisure departments. As the athleisure market continues to adapt and evolve, it makes us wonder what other funky combos might be in store. Perhaps black tie casual will be all the rave next season?