Jessie Hodari, is one of the best instructors at Equilibrium Pilates Studio, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  Jessie’s passion for health and helping people led her to Equilibrium where her experience as a client drove her excitement and interest in joining their talented team. Growing up in the Bloomfield area, Jessie was a dancer at Star Trax for 7 years which also spurred her interest in fitness and the body. Jessie continues to focus on client services and teaching her popular Xtend Barre classes while she is also certified for STOTT Pilates.

There are simple ways to improve your body, mind and overall health this year and Jessie shares a few tips below.   

{Jessie Hodari}: There are many ways besides just "working out" one can improve their health. For example, Don't slouch! Good posture is the new skinny! 

image: womens daySIT UP RIGHT…  this means sit on top on your sits bones with a neutral spine.. chest is open, but ribs aren't popping, and hold in your midsection with a very slight contraction of your core muscles.

Remember, It's all about a strong core… It's the inside that counts! ;)


{SS}: What is your go-to mantra for 2016? 

{Jessie Hodari}: JUST DO IT. 


{SS}: Favorite active wear line?  {Jessie Hodari}: Splits59 



{SS}: Favorite items currently on STYLESHACK?

{Jessie Hodari}: love a lot of the new items… a few that caught my eye are the activewear pieces, jumpsuits and great black accessories! 

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