Ricki Friedman is the founder of Break the Weight and currently lives in Denver CO. Break the Weight is motivational coaching program that specalizes in emotional eating, weight loss and changing daily habits. Ricki created a simple daily system of accountablity, movement and support that clients all over the country use today. She's a big fan of her old grumpy dog Logan, exploring and of course, walking. 

{SS} 6 tips for a healthier 2016?

{Ricki Friedman} There are so many different things to try and articles about the latest trends, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep it simple and sustainable. You should focus on what you're doing on a daily basis and take a good look at your routines. You want to set goals that will have a profound long-term effect on your life, not goals you can't keep up with (Example: Working out every single day for the next month) Goals like that never workout in the long run. 

Taking goals week by week is the best way to do that. After the week is over, you can start a new week with the same goal. But the idea is that the goal you're setting becomes less overwhelming by taking it one week at a time. 

You should just one or two small goals a week.

Some great goals are: 

1. Drink two liters of water a day for the next week

2. Walk 10,000 steps a day for the next week

3. Make your bed everyday for the next week 

4. Take a ten minute walk after dinner for the next week

5. Make a to do list every night before you go to bed this week 

6. Go to the gym twice this week for 30 minutes

{SS} What can our readers do to make their live a healthier life without necessarily breaking the bank or making unrealistic goals (i.e. drinking more water, sleep? fitness routine…. if so, which would you recommend… also any products you personally like to use for fitness/activity, and healthy snack to try this year.
{Ricki Friedman} I love keeping track of my steps. It's a huge part of my daily routine and something I feel very strongly about. The best thing to use for this is the Fitbit. It's a great way to stay accountable and once you get into it, there is nothing more exciting than seeing your 10,000 steps done for the day.  Walking is huge for our mental and physical health. 

My favorite healthy snacks are hard boiled eggs (Bc they're so easy), I love whole wheat bread with a tablespoon of almond butter and half a banana on top, I've also been recently getting into avocado toast with sprouts on top! So good and keeps you full! But to be honest, I'm all about eating my lunch (big salad) over the course of a few hours. It keeps me full all day that way. 

{SS} What is your mantra for 2016?  

{Ricki Friedman} Keep believing in myself and the work I am doing no matter what. I'm aiming high this year. I've got some big dreams and nothing's going to stand in my way. Not even myself. The most important piece of advice I can offer as you enter this new year is to practice mindfulness. Slow down when you eat. Ask yourself if you're really hungry. Connect to your relationship with food and your daily habits. Understand the struggles in your life and why they're so challenging for you. Let yourself be uncomfortable. The only way out, is in.