Founder of, Rachel Schostak, shares her go to packing tips for a long weekend winter getaway to Aspen, Colorado. She gives the low down in this "How To" video on packing efficiently with just carry ons! 


The most important tips and take aways are listed below.  Good packing starts with good luggage – she uses Will Leather Goods duffle and many of their leather goods for her carry on luggage. Follow these tips and you'll be a packing pro!  

Make sure when laying out your clothes, lay them out and group outfits together.  When you pack the items try to pack together as well.  Packing pointers on items to bring (no matter the weather…) go for layers… sweaters/shawls/scarves (can be worn many times) think about packing pieces that can be worn in a vareity of ways with different accessories. Key for picking your outfiits is bringing multifunctional clothing that can be worn more than once! 


If you don't want to bring a garment bag… or can't find one last minute… to keep your formal wear nice while traveling, pack them in plastic bags and store them on top.

If you like to pack a lot in your bag – I highly recommend using compression bags when packing to maximize space. 

I hold on to purse and shoe bags becuase they are ideal for traveling. When packing shoes, I roll my socks into the shoes (again, great way to maximize space) and then place shoes or even misc items in these fabric bags. 

Store your jewelry in a make-up bag or invest in a travel size jewelry case to pack in your carry-on. Always keep your valuables with you when traveling. 

Winter travel can be chilly, or even when traveling to warmer climates… the airplane can be cold… I dress in layers with a light scarf, sweater and jacket. You can always take off  layers but can't add to them… nor borrow from the gal in seat 24B. 

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