We are excited to have this high-end women's boutique from Syracuse, NY, on the Styleshack Platform! Amanda Gold shares her career journey as she worked her way up to becoming the store owner of Jet Black Boutique.

{SS}: Can you share with us your career background and how you got started?

{Amanda Gold}: I got my undergraduate degree from Syracuse University with a major in marketing and entrepreneurship. My original plan was to move home to Long Island and work for our family business Gold’s Pure Food Products Inc. but I quickly realized that I did not want to live on Long Island. I have always been a shopper, for as long as I can remember I have always loved picking out clothes. I had shopped at Jet Black in college and hJetBlack4ad a friend who worked here.

After college graduation, I was offered a job in radio advertising sales at Syracuse and decided it was a good starting point. I started that job in November of 2008 but only lasted about three months. It was a very hard time in the economy and people did not want to spend money on advertising. I was not happy and decided to start looking for a new job. I ran into the previous owner of Jet Black and begged him to give me a job… ANYTHING! He had just reopened one of his other boutiques (Frankie&Faye) and needed some extra hands. I immediately accepted and started that day. Within a week I was working for him full time and had a key to the store. That August, we opened another store (Bounce) and I became the manager of both Bounce and Frankie&Faye. In October 2012 I took on the role of managing Jet Black and therefore was responsible for all 3 stores and in March, 2012 I bought all the stores from the previous owner.

{SS}: When did Jet Black Boutique open and how has your store evolved since?

{Amanda Gold}: Jet Black has been open for roughly 20 years, always carrying name brand merchandise. Jetblack3However, when Jet Black first started, all of the clothing was actually BLACK!

{SS}: What do you love about your job?

{Amanda Gold}: I think the better question is what don’t I love about my job?! I love helping people get dressed and making them feel good about themselves. I love getting to see all the cool new styles every season. I love getting to wear whatever I want to work every day. I love so much about my job that it is hard to narrow it down to just a few things!

{SS}: Who is wearing your products?

{Amanda Gold}: Our customer demographic ranges greatly. We do some business with the Syracuse University students, but our main in store demographic is the 30-60 year old woman living in or around the Syracuse area. We 23Vince_Jackethope that with our website ( and our blog, this demographic will only grow.

{SS}: What are your current favorite products in store?

18Vince_FrayededgeVince Colorblock Moto Jacket

Vince Frayed Edge Cardigan

A.L.C. Jimmy Sweater

Alice + Olivia Emelda Two Toned Vest20Ao_Emelda

Alice + Olivia Riska Emb Boatneck Dress

{SS}: Your secret to work/life balance? (share your secret, please)

{Amanda Gold}: Is there a secret?!?!?! Please someone tell me! 

Now onto your personal style…

{SS}: In regards to your personal style, do you have a signature accessory?19JZ_Erin

{Amanda Gold}: Growing up, my grandparents traveled a lot and they always collected elephants from wherever they went… whether metal, glass, or stone, no trip was complete without an elephant. One of our jewelry designers, Jennifer Zeuner, makes an elephant necklace called the Erin necklace… That is probably my most worn piece of jewelry because it reminds me of my grandparents.

{SS}: A few items in your "styleshack" A.K.A closet that you can't live without?

{Amanda Gold}: I can’t live without Wildfox, just in general, the brand makes me giddy with excitement. My friends all make fun of me because they claim I have a sweatshirt for every occasion (i.e. “I’d Rather Be Shopping”, “I Need Codownloadffee”, “Professional Bruncher”, “Wine”) You name it, I have a sweatshirt for it. I also hoard jeans. My current favorites are Frame and J. Brand

{SS}: Who inspires your style?  Favorite Style Icon?

{Amanda Gold}: I really like Olivia Palermo’s style but am really just about wearing what I think looks best on my body and what I feel comfortable in.   

{SS}: Style Archetype?


{SS}: Please pick your current favorite items on Styleshack:caju

A.L.C. Lindsey Skirt Jet Black Boutique

Alice + Olivia Super Flare Wide Leg Ombre PanJet Black Boutique 7EJ_Hooded_Cape

Cajubrasil Grey and Black Legging Maceiosol 

Elizabeth & James Hooded Fringe Cape Jet Black Boutique  

{SS}: Favorite fashion, lifestyle, food or business blog?

{Amanda Gold}: Obviously I am a little biased but… Jet Black Syrause Blog

{SS}: Currently reading?

{Amanda Gold}: The September Issue of Vogue (duh!)

{SS}: Go-to favorite restaurant?

{Amanda Gold}: I LOVE FOOD! I love trying new restaurants wherever I go.

{SS}: Words to Live by?:


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