Guest writer and fashionable gal, Samantha Meux, shares her go-to list for boutique shopping in Royal Oak, Michigan!

Whether its fashion, collectibles or home décor, nothing gives me a greater thrill than discovering a new neighborhood boutique. I love spending a Saturday afternoon perusing carefully curated shops, and leaving with a unique piece of clothing or fun gift. Getting to know the local storeowners and giving back to the community is an added bonus — and a perfect excuse to shop!

With so many great local shops popping up all over the Detroit area (and all over the state and the country, for that matter), I’ve decided to conquer them one charming city at a time. Since I recently became a Royal Oak resident, I thought it only appropriate (and so much fun!) to start by visiting the locally owned shops in my new neighborhood. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Lost & Found Vintage

510 Washington Ave. | 248-548-6154

While I’m new to living in Royal Oak, I can’t say this was my first time browsing the eclectic selection of vintage clothing and accessories at this upscale resale shop. I stumbled upon it years ago while searching for a Halloween costume, and I’ve been hooked ever since. In business since 2003, the store features three well-organized floors stocked with pieces from the early 1900s through the 1980s. I’m a bit of a history nerd, and I love how friendly and knowledgeable the staff is here. Even if I walk out empty handed, I always enjoy browsing and learning about fashion from bygone eras.

Nada & Co.

736 Washington Ave. | 248-291-5283

I could not be more in love with this adorable refurbished furniture boutique! As a first-time homeowner, I’ve been on the hunt for chic yet affordable home décor, so I was ecstatic when I recently discovered Nada & Co. while picking up dinner from my favorite local Thai restaurant a few doors down (side note: Thai Café in downtown Royal Oak is amazing!). Opened in 2012, the shop offers a unique collection of new, antique and vintage pieces that are beautifully restored and repurposed. I truly appreciate the owner’s passion for bringing forgotten treasures back to life, and I have already brought home a hand-painted nightstand and a lovely desk, along with a few other decorative items. Next on my list is to participate in one of Nada’s chalk-painting workshops!



308 W. Fourth St. | 248-541-8000

The yogi in me has fallen hard for this dreamy, bohemian-chic boutique. The inviting atmosphere alone was enough to lure me in two summers ago, and I’ve been going back to shop the whimsical assortment of 1970s-inspired clothing, jewelry and accessories ever since. What I truly enjoy most about this store is the positive energy it radiates — the staff is attentive and upbeat, the décor is colorful and welcoming, and the pieces are really quirky and unique. I always know that I’m going to leave with a special item that I wouldn’t find anywhere else. My favorite Saffron purchase is a sleeveless, plunge-neck, ivory mini dress that’s currently hanging up in my closet. While I have yet to wear it, I knew I couldn’t bear to leave the store without it, so I’m saving it for the perfect occasion.