{SS} What inspired you to start the store? {Julie} My mom! 

(Lois) started the store in 1976. The business began with an idea at a barbecue. A friend wanted to start a business and asked my mom to partner up with her. They had no idea that this business would blow up to be as large and successful as it is today.  She began in a store the size of a walk in closet (300 sq. feet) From there the store has expanded 4 times growing larger and larger.  Lois's partner retired to pursue a college education soon after the business began."It has been an interesting 38 years watching fashion evolve. I feel like I am purchasing many of the same items I did back then but with a newer twist. Take overalls for instance. When I started the business I sold Lee and Wrangler painter paint overalls that were baggy. Now I'm selling overalls that have lycra  in them and are fitted with  more fashion details to them. It is also crazy what denim has become. It started with simple denim and the first premium denim line was Sasoon and from there… it is history! It's hard to believe I am now not only dressing the adults that were once children shopping in my store but I am also dressing their children. Shopping in my store becomes a family affair. The grandmother, mother and child all come in to shop together for themselves."

{SS} Currently, do you have a favorite style or trend you are wearing?

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 12.22.31 PM{Julie} I love all the leather and vegan leather this season. I live in my vegan leather leggings and my leather leggings paired with a cashmere sweater.

7_93ada042-dcae-438a-849e-7813c885684d or model off the shoulder top, accessorized with my dog tag necklace or my drusy stone necklace, my arms are usually stacked with bracelets toped with a great ring on my middle finger.  At night I dress up my leather with a great blouse. I also love my ripped up dark Jbrand  photo ready jeans with a shirt with just the right tuck.

For spring/summer 2014, I love everything and I tend to change my style around more in the summer. LOVE the Bohemian look. I will be sporting cut off shorts and bohemian top and great dangling earrings with a stack of bracelets. You will catch me in 1 of my many bohemian dresses I bought along with my jumpsuits and long dresses. Can't wait for the new season to start to wear all my great new clothes. 

{Lois} I live in my skinny  novelty jeans along with my worn out patched ones. I also live in my favorite pair of leggings that are a combination of Ponte and  vegan leather. Usually you'll see me wearing those with a gat blazer and fun t-shirt. For spring I will continue to wear jeans but ones with rips and distressing that are cuffed at the bottom. I will pair those up with a great white blouse and  my new camel leather jacket, accessorized with a great pendant. I will also be wearing denim on denim this year. I love that look.


{SS} In regards to YOUR personal style, do you have a signature look or accessory?

{Julie} When someone wears something off the shoulder they always state they are wearing a Julie top, that would have to be my signature look. My signature accessory is my dog tag necklace and stack of bracelets. Also love throwing on a blazer with black jeans and white t-shirt, easy and transitional look!  

{Lois} My signature look is a classic and fun combination. Mixing tailored items with trendy items.

{SS} Who or What inspires your personal style? Favorite Style Icon? 

{Julie} My favorite style icon is Audrey Hepburn. When I get dressed I love a feminine look. Any outfit looks great with a set of pearls. Other inspiration comes from the fashion runway…the trends  inspire my personal style that I tweak to my own body and  flare.

{Lois} People inspire me. When I travel I love watching what other people are wearing and then tailor them to me. The trends at the fashion shows inspire what looks I want to go into for the season.


{SS} Favorite Fashion App / Social MediaSite?

{Julie} I am on facebook and instagram all the time.


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