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I looove online shopping, I live in the mountains, have three kids and can’t always make it to my favorite stores. If insomnia strikes and I need a retail fix at 3 am, is ready and waiting. Google “camel cashmere coat” and you’ve got options galore – usually big retailers that can have an item on your doorstep in 7 days. The conundrum?

I also looove to shop local and make an effort to try and support the boutiques that know me, know my size and call me when my faves are in. Those search engine buffets, while helpful, are also terribly overwhelming, and there’s something so feel-good about driving your local economy. Hellooo Styleshack!Here’s the skinny on Styleshack in their own words:

Styleshack is a customized style & shopping search engine. Styleshack will enhance the online to in-store shopping experience as users will be able to shop based on their personal style preferences and geographic location. Styleshack users will be able to create “Style profiles” which will allow the service and site to match Styleshack users to their preferred stores, brands and style genre and assist them in discovering NEW stores and brands throughout the country. Styleshack aims to be your personal e-stylist, making it easier to shop your style, locally!”
It’s a big idea, but that doesn’t faze founder Rachel Schostak, she’s a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and a voice (with an energizer-bunny-like tenacity) for small boutiques everywhere. Her mission is to make it easier for local retailers to be discovered, and easier for you to discover them. Brilliant.You can go to and browse the wares, search by item or by boutique, or by geography… OR, you can do it the really fun way, take their quick quiz (designed to emulate a conversation with a stylist) and get recommendations based on your style.
Styleshack has defined 9 style archetypes that fit a modern woman.  Boho chic, Classic, Eco Chic, Edgy, Professional Chic, Glam Madame, Romantic, Sporty Chic and Trendy. After defining your archetype, you can shop products that have been selected to fit your style. For the record, I fit into pretty much all of those categories on different days – that’s ok – just a guideline!Founded in Detroit, Styleshack boutiques are slightly Mid-West-Centric right now, but they’re growing fast – and, have implemented a cool program to encourage fashion bloggers around the country to recommend their fave local haunts.  
The best part, in my opinion, is the ability to shop beautifully curated collections, it’s why we boutique shop in the first place, the best of known brands + up and comers.Schostak told me, while working for a retailer in Detroit, she realized that lots of people would love to invest in their local community, but often look outside because they don’t have time to go store to store. Find the perfect item on Styleshack? Put it on hold with the local retailer for 48 hours and go pick it up, at your convenience. OR, have it sent to your home. Get sale alerts and the first scoop when new items arrive.Retailers pay a monthly commission, lower if they already have e-commerce, and reap the benefit of Styleshack’s on-line infrastructure and marketing.
Evergreen-ites, you’ll find our beloved Mountain Daisy in the boutique directory - and, I’d guess, more goodies to come! I’m hooked.
 ~ Lauren Lauritano (Jan 31st, 2014)  Read more from her lovely blog here >>