{SS} What inspired you to start designing? {EP} Since a young age I was creative. I wanted to make something with my hands. I wanted to create beautiful things that others would enjoy. Jewelry just happened to be that thing.{SS} Currently, do you have a favorite style or trend you are wearing?{EP} I love anything with a bit of edge. Recently I started wearing more gold. There is something about gold that you can’t find with silver. I love gold and black together! It’s super chic! {SS} In regards to YOUR personal style, do you have a signature look or accessory?{EP} My signature look would definitely be anything black. Most of my wardrobe is black. I think that a beautifully paired black outfit with amazing accessories is effortless and chic. I feel extremely confident in black. Black works for anything place or occasion. Especially is styled with a great patent pump and some metallic jewelry!{SS} A few items in your "Styleshack" (aka) closet that you can't live without?  {EP} My leather jacket! I love it because it so versatile. I can pair it with a black tank top and jeans or a fabulous little black dress and it looks great either way.{SS} Who or What inspires your personal style?  Favorite Style Icon? {EP} Rachel Zoe is an amazing stylist and now designer. She always has a look that I would kill for. Victoria Beckham looks beautifully put together and I wish it would come as easily to me as it does to her. And I love the risks Lady Gaga takes with fashion. Her looks are so intriguing even though many of us wouldn’t be able to pull them off.           {SS} Favorite fashion or lifestyle blog? {EP} My favorite blog would have to be Honestly WTF. They have great DIY’s that I want to try some day. Their mix of fashion, lifestyle and their look into studios of different designers is a great mix of everything I’m interested in.   {SS} Favorite "local" boutiques (besides your own)?{EP} I am a big etsy supporter! I love anything handmade and you can find so many great artists on etsy. It’s just a matter of finding someone that puts love and care into every piece they make. That’s why I sell on etsy. I love being surrounded by so many talented people on there.{SS} Favorite Fashion App / Social Media Site? {EP} Instagram is my life right now. I love to share everything I do with my followers. I just recently started being more active and it has paid of. Instragram inspires me. I love being able to see what other people find interesting and what inspires them.{SS} Words to live by?{EP} What goes around comes around. If you put positive energy into the world, you will receive positive energy back. I’m a big Karma believer. Treat others the way you want to be treated and you will be happy.     Connect with EWELINA PAS:  http://www.styleshack.com/ewelinapas Ewelina Pas