DANIEL-VOSOVIC-Low-ResI had the pleasure to sit down and chat with Project Runway's Season Two finalist, Daniel Vosovic, whilst he was in town for FashionSpeak. The Michigan native returned to speak on acquiring "bigger opportunities by building a foundation on your home turf."Seven years after the designer's appearance on Project Runway, Vosovic successfully made a brand of his name, became a published author (Fashion Inside Outand has made an indelible mark in the fashion world.Read on to learn more about the fiery Aries -particularly about landing his role on Project Runway, life after the show and his advice for up-and-coming Detroit fashion designers.  1. How is life after Project Runway"Any great or big experience in your life defines that moment and what you do with it afterwards. After the show, I built a foundation, three-and-a-half years ago I created a company (Daniel Vosovic NY) – selling to forty stores around the world and five months ago I launched an e-commerce site… About Project Runway, I was an RA my senior year and there were rumors about a network show on Bravo. I hadn’t watched the show because, as a senior,  you are working around theclock – living on five hours of sleep… I found out the requirements – physical garments, picture portfolio, stand in line eight hours-and was on the show four days after graduation."2. What inspires you?"Life experiences and clashes."3. What is your take on the burgeoning fashion scene in Detroit?"I am unaware of it and that’s the problem. So why aren’t people following it? We have direct access to things with social media."4. As a Michigan native, do you have any advice for aspiring young designers in Detroit?"Really look at the existing network around you and maximize those relationships."