I had the pleasure of talking with a lovely lady, Bethany Londyn, (a fellow fashtech founder) the other night about her company, ShoppAddikt.com – It was great to learn about her process of launching the site, we shared some stories and I thought I'd share the love for her on Blog.nn(Styleshack): What is ShopAddikt.com?nnScreen Shot 2013-03-16 at 8.22.35 AMnn(Bethany):  ShopAddikt.com, where you can Search It. Stalk It. & Steal It.™ Perfect for all of you who are equal parts budge conscious and fashionista! ShopAddikt.com lets you sign up for alerts that notify you when your favorite fashion items go on sale, so you never miss a deal!nn(Styleshack): Bethany tell us about what inspired her to start shoppaddikt.comnn(Bethany): "It all started when there were these Paige Tall Frye boots I just had to have, but didn’t want to spend $500. So over time I searched for a better price and finally found them months later for $258, but in the meantime I constantly wondered why their wasn’t a wish list site to do the Stalking for me?!? Thus, ShopAddiKt.com was born. It’s been 2 years in the making and I’m finally excited to announce that we are live and in Beta!"nn"One of the items I’m Stalking right now are Paige Skinny Jeans as they fit me perfectly, feel like PJs, and when you find denim like this of course you must buy more, so why not score a deal! (I see that apparently I’m in love with the name Paige). I’m also stalking a few of 10 Crosby Derek Lam’s dresses, I absolutely love them, but need to Stalk them until the price drops!"nn(Styleshack): What are three items you cannot live without?nn(Bethany): 3 Items I cannot live without…nn"My Paige Skinny Jeans- as they are sooooo comfortable and an added plus is that everyone says I look skinnier when I wear them, ha!"nn73789875nn"My Frye boots- I now own 3 pairs, and I wear them all the time, as I can wear with anything from denim to dresses, and they are not only comfortable for all day, but also always seem to fit the current trends in one way or another."nnFrye-Harness-12R-300x258nn"My various options of colorful cardigans that I can dress up, or down, and always bring a new look with accessories such as scarves or jewelry!"nncardigans