If you thought Dior’s autumn collection was perfect, just wait until you see the spring 2013 collection!

(Picture from Dior Fall 2012 collection)


Before the Dior spring 2013 fashion show began, many wondered how Raf Simons could top his fall collection.Considering the positive response, all uncertainties have been put to rest.    The mirrored venue was decorated with trees and shrubs –  a subtle hint of what was in store for the main event.


As the models began walking down the runway, Simons vision of “the very idea of spring” came to life. Although similar to his debut collection in July, asymmetric florals and bright artificial colors engulfed the runway. A highlight from Simons’ collection is the attention to detail of color placement. Trimming creams and blacks with neon were prevalent throughout the show.


Simons wants his transition into Dior to “go slow” which is why the spring 2013 collection is an evolution to the former.

Christian Dior: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Haute-Couture Spring/Summer 2013