Spotlight: Kate Spade Saturday

If you had to make a wild guess about Kate Spade's favorite day of the week, you'd say Saturday, right? Evidently it is because she so aptly named her latest collection after it to channel "the carefree spirit of the weekend." 

What To Wear Wednesday: High-Low Dress

Oh Michigan, your constant state of weather fluctuation has my head spinning! Literally, two days ago, I was broiling in 90 degrees and today I was wishing to be back in that broiling state rather than freezing in 70 degrees (well, maybe not freezing, but you get my gist). 

Driving Style Forward with: Mobile Retail Shops

Amidst changing shopping technologies, an indecisive economy and the increasing expenses of start-up shops, creative minds have turned towards a new kind of retail space, or should we say, retail vehicle. Initiated as a way to decrease start up costs and avoid the pricy rent of retail spaces, fashion trucks have began to pop up, […]

Shop Local: Grosse Pointe Village

A charming town by the water, the quaint community of Grosse Pointe offers a lot of wonderful local shops. I had the pleasure of walking through "The Village" and popped into a few great stores.

SHOP LOCAL: Destination –> Italy!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to travel to the Almafi Coast with my roommates for an unbelievable trip. We went to Capri and Positano for a fun filled weekend of jet setting from beach to beach. While in Positano I found a store famous for their AMAZING bathing suit cover-ups and beach dresses. […]