Christina Bellas, founder and CEO of Make-Cup, is a designing woman on a mission to revolutionize the beauty industry. While traveling throughout the Midwest in her previous role as a clothing designer for hotels and casinos, she became determined to find a better way to carry and contain her makeup. The solution she invented is a new made in Michigan product called Make-Cup, being launched just in time for holiday shopping season. We talked to this leading lady about life as a female entrepreneur pursuing her passion.

{SS}: What is your current profession? 

{CB}: I am the founder and CEO of Make-Cup, a compact, durable makeup container that acts as a complete “makeover to go” system. The cup is eco-friendly and made in Michigan. It allows users to customize, contain and carry all of their makeup and beauty supplies with complete confidence. The top of the cup has a lid that pops up revealing a patented, swivel-out artists palette that holds blushes, powders and shadows.  Brushes, liners, lip and lash products fit neatly inside the cup.


I started the design and development process when I was traveling throughout the Midwest seeing customers. I wanted a solution for carrying my makeup and supplies without all of the clutter and the mess. That’s how Make-Cup was born.


{SS}: Tell us about a typical day.

{CB}: As a small startup with a nationally recognized product, there is no such thing as a “typical day.” You might find me meeting with our local manufacturers to approve parts, putting schedules and plans together, calling on brokers and sales reps, or even doing TV, radio and newspaper interviews and mentoring young entrepreneurs. 

I recently attended The Makeup Show in Chicago and got the chance to share my product and mingle with industry experts. For maximum exposure, there is always something new and exciting to do!

{SS}: What do you love about your job? 

{CB}: I love that it’s always different, ever evolving and an adventure. I love seeing a creative solution that I dreamed up becoming a reality and doing something that will make life so much easier and more organized for so many women. But, mostly, I love that I can share my story and inspire others to live their dreams.

{SS}: Any advice to those starting out in your profession?

{CB}: Create your brand, start out with who you are, write your mission, vision and values first (even if you don’t have a product or service yet), write about yourself because that energy is what people are drawn to (your inner truth.)

Then, gather a team of believers, people who believe what you believe, and match that to a product or service you want to provide. I believe that prosperity follows purpose and passion so if you align a product or service with who you are and what you believe in, you will be successful. If you pursue your dreams simply trying to make money – you will never be satisfied.

{SS}: What would you tell your 23-year-old self?

{CB}: Trust yourself! You are smarter than you think!

{SS}: Where do you, personally, get your daily new fix?

{CB}: TV, local news. 

{SS}: What do you do to make yourself feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on anything?

{CB}: Meditation. I believe that when you are connected to your inner truth, you will always feel beautiful and confident.

{SS}: What’s your “Style Archetype?”

{SS}: Who is your style icon? {CB}: Rachel Zoe

{SS}: Where do you find style + fashion inspiration?

{CB}: Styleshack, InStyle, Blogs, Vlogs

{SS}: What is your power song?

{CB}: Unstoppable by SIA

{SS}: What is your power outfit or accessory?

{CB}: All black. Jeans or leggings with boots and a cute black top. Liquid silver bracelet by Sergio Gutierrez, and my favorite accessory, an Elsa Perretti Cabochon promise ring from my sweetheart.

{SS}: Who inspires you and why?

{CB}: When I need a boost of inspiration, I listen to Simon Sinek. He is an inspirational speaker who combines the perfect blend of passion, business, culture and intelligence into his talks. He makes so much sense and he is so well spoken.

And of course my dad who always told me that, "I could be anything I ever dreamed of – I just had to put my heart and soul into it and I could achieve anything!"

{SS}: What are your “words to live by”?



{CB}:  Favorite spots in Metro Detroit:

I love, love, love Pizzeria Biga for my favorite go-to awesome amazing pizza pie.



I love the little shops in downtown Rochester, a few of my favorite are… Tahlula Belle and Bella Cuore, you can always find something unique there and it’s so nice to walk around downtown, it feels so European! 





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