We recently had the opportunity to interview Jordana Schrager. She's a student, entrepreneur and the creator of the very popular shoes, Sneakers By Jordana and SKICKS.

Read her spotlight below to learn more about how she got her start in the sneaker business!


{SS}: Tell us how you got started in the business and where did you get the idea for SKICKS?

{Jordana}: I have always loved art and design and started drawing at a young age. My business began my sophomore year in high school. Once I started to wear my custom sneakers around school, everyone started asking for a pair! What started as just a doodle on a pair of old sneakers turned into a custom sneaker design business. In college, I started creating collegiate themed designs on my sneakers and posting them on social media. Word spread quickly and my order volume expanded significantly. As a college student, I was aware of the vast collegiate licensed merchandise industry and noticed that there were no stylish and spirited sneakers out there for college fans, so I teamed up with two partners and we created SKICKS.

{SS}: Who inspires you in the business world?

{Jordana}: Both of my parents inspire me in the business world. They are both entrepreneurs and are the most hard working and dedicated people I know. They push me to keep working and follow my dreams!

{SS}: What do SKICKS represent to you?

{Jordana}: SKICKS represent spirit, fun, and a love for your school and team!

{SS}: How do you balance being a student and running your own company at the same time?

{Jordana}: I learned to be extremely organized and good with time. I wake up early and go to sleep late a lot so that I have time for both school and work. It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it!

{SS}: Do you have plans to create more SKICKS for other schools?

{Jordana}: Yes!!! We will have a total of 20 colleges for back to school and are planning on adding many more for 2016.

{SS}: Most popular style?

{Jordana}: All of our styles are very popular, however we are doing extremely well with our women's low top!

{SS}: Is there any advice that you could give to college students who are looking to pursue their own business?

{Jordana}: Never give up on your goals. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it if you really enjoy what you are doing!


Now onto your personal style…

{SS}: In regards to your personal style, do you have a signature accessory?

{Jordana}: I love sneakers so I am always wearing either my custom Sneakers by Jordana or my Michigan SKICKS

{SS}: A few items in your "Styleshack" A.K.A closet that you can't live without?

{Jordana}: I love being comfortable so definitely can't live without my day dresses, flannels, and sneakers.

{SS}: Who inspires your style? Favorite style Icon?

{Jordana}: My sister, Jolie Schrager. I trust her with style more than anyone else in the world.

{SS}: What is your favorite way of styling SKICKS?

{Jordana}: I love pairing my Skicks with a cute day dress or cute top and jean shorts. SKICKS complete every outfit!

{SS}: Style Archetype?

                        {Jordana}: CLASSIC

{SS}: Please pick your current favorite items on Styleshack.

{Jordana}: The Blank NYC romper! So cute!

{SS}: Favorite fashion, lifestyle, food or business blog?

{Jordana}: I follow a lot of different bloggers on instagram for inspiration for my own business.I like WeWoreWhat and SomethingNavy for fashion!




{SS}: Favorite "local"boutiques?

{Jordana}: After moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan for college, I love driving to Guys and Gals to go shopping!

{SS}: Go-to spot for lunch or dinner in Detroit?

{Jordana}: Zingermanns is my go-to spot in Ann Arbor! It is my favorite place to eat!  



{SS}: Words to Live by?

{Jordana}: Good shoes take you good places!