39f91d1{SS} What inspired you to start your store?{Nancy} I first started with Vanity Plates at Oakland Mall in the 70's. I had a Kiosk and did quite well for myself.  I made great business but eventually Vanity Plates became discontinued. I then bought a monogrammed machine and sold through word-of-mouth. It was through friends and family that Nancy's Linens took off and evolved into what it is today. {SS} What do you love about your job?{Nancy} Working with customers and being able to use my Color Specialist talents to use. I love helping customers pick out bedding, towels, linens, etc. for their homes and knowing I helped in the design process. I also love being able to offer customized linens, bedding and towels for our customers, the customization is half of our business. We have Monogrammed gifts from bathrobes, make-up bags, sheets, towels, top sheet, trays and bathroom settings. I also really enjoy the merchandising aspect for the store, I work with Amanda Smith and Sherri Haffner. We have been in business for 30 years and are currently located in Orchard Mall in West Bloomfield. 389592_305789782835238_1393100304_n 303077_185392694874948_1752693719_n{SS} Favorite products currently in-store?{Nancy} Bespoke Sheets by John Matuok Linens (wash and wear) and specifically "Portofino".  These sheets are great, although expensive they last for 15 years+. portofino_bed unnamed{SS} Where do you find inspiration?{Nancy} From colors and I enjoy working on fun projects and implementing color. Pantone-Autumn-2014-Colours{SS} Favorite industry publication or news journal?{Nancy} My favorite magazine is Elle Decor. But I'm subscribed to every Home Decor publication there is. I also recommend our customers to pull and reference these publications for inspiration and ideas when working on home projects. elle decor jan.feb 08 andrew-rosen-ed1011-01-lgn{SS} Favorite fashion/social media app or social media site?{Nancy} Facebook and Pinterest for the store. {SS} Favorite 'local' restaurant?{Nancy} Eurasian Grill in West Bloomfield.  medium{SS} An item in your own "Styleshack" (aka) closet that you can't live without?{Nancy} My custom clutch that was handmade by Saks in the 50's for my Conformation. It's a staple heirloom piece that I have passed down to my Daughter for her Conformation and my Granddaughter will then use it for her Conformation. C195.5L9d7c0698ad649a9df4462bc7d89a3916{SS} Words to live by?{Nancy} "Don't be afraid of color!" For sheeting, towels, etc. Look at Elle Decor for Inspiration, on bed decor and color inspiration!  Visit Nancy's Linens for their Half Yearly Sale: Stop by the store or call to receive 20% off all linens for the bed, bath, or table! Even on special orders! Now until September 1st.Visit Nancy's Linens at: http://www.styleshack.com/nancyslinensScreen Shot 2014-08-08 at 1.36.53 PM