unnamedWe had the opportunity to sit down with owner of, longtime Ann Arbor fashion/lifestyle staple store, Bivouac (known for their classic to sporty chic styles for men & women) Read our interview below:

{SS} What inspired your father to open Bivouac? How has the store changed and evolved to what it is today?

{AJ} My father went to college in Iowa where he opened the first Bivouac.  He was inspired to do so because there were no Army Surplus stores in Iowa City.  There were protests going on and everyone needed a place to get their gear.  Bivouac started as a basic Army Surplus store and has evolved into a premium clothing and gear shop, selling both fashion and outdoor clothing alike.

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{SS} What is unique about Bivouac?

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{AJ} The most unique thing about Bivouac is that we can outfit you for every aspect of your life.  If need a backpack for your upcoming camping trip or a pair of designer jeans for a night out on the town, Bivouac has you covered.


{SS} Favorite part of your job?

{AJ} The part of my job that gives me the most satisfaction is when I help someone find that perfect item for their trip/event etc.

{SS} Any new items in the store that you are loving for FALL?

{AJ} We just got in our Fall shipment of Canada Goose and I am loving the vests for men!

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{SS} How would you define your style? {AJ} I would say my style is a mix of Traditional and Sporty. 7_2adedffe-0f95-4993-9e23-0495c3cbdb58 7_f199c945-04a0-4e2e-87b4-a88ac12b8687{SS} What music are you currently listening to?{AJ} I like all kinds of music but Electronic is dominating my iPod right now.Unknown

{SS} What is your favorite Sports Team? 

{AJ} Favorite sports team would be Michigan Wolverines.  There's nothing better than college football.

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{SS} What is your favorite local restaurant?

{AJ} My favorite local restaurant would be Aventura, Sava's new place.  

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{SS} Words to live by?

{AJ} "The harder I work, the luckier I get."
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