Tender-full"We want shopping to be fun, no stress and for you to be able to leave with a rockin outfit that no one else has" {SS} Can you share a bit of history on the Store and the inception of Tender? How has Tender Birmingham evolved over the years?

{Karen and Cheryl} The store started as a contemporary boutique and shifted into a luxury store full of high end brands. We are one of only four specialty stores in North America to carry Miu Miu, We have expanded three times since opening to provide for our growing client base. 

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Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.43.05 PMWe have had our struggles as well. In two decades we've experienced the highs and lows of Michigan's economy as well as changing the retail landscape. During those down cycles we remained focused on what we do best, which is offering the best names in designer fashion right in Michigan. This includes established labels to the newest talents. We've never deviated from what Tender is. 

{SS} Favorite part of your job?{Karen and Cheryl} The best part is getting a compliment when a client returns from a leisure or business trip and tell us she was asked where she found her dress or bag or shoes and she says with great confidence, "From Tender in Birmingham, Michigan."{SS} Any new brands or designers you are selling this season?Stylesight-Paris-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2014-Denim-Isabel-Marant{Karen and Cheryl} Isabel Marant is the hottest line in fashion right now. It is cool, relaxed, but casual. Every piece that you put together makes an effortlessly chic look. Miu Miu has always been one of our favorites. We're always excited to see what they are putting on the runway each season. MiuMiu_Fall20147_83518cf4-26f0-43f2-a505-84cc286f2aee 7_c24d1e72-10a9-44fb-8561-8e1ec1d1181a

{Karen and Cheryl} I am always open too looking at anything. I feel like it is my job to keep an open mind! If we don't get really excited about the pieces, neither will our staff or clients. We have to love the pieces. 

When buying I look for the special pieces that you won't be able to find anywhere else. I don't like anything to buy anything that looks ordinary, it has to be different!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   {SS} Favorite "local" restaurant? {Karen and Cheryl} Townhouse and Luxe, both in Birmingham. IMG_1156 - Copy 16536-0 {SS} Since you both have been in the "Fashion Business" for quite some time, what advice would you give to someone who is starting out?

 {Karen and Cheryl} You have to LOVE fashion, KNOW Fashion, and be willing to work hard 24/7.

 {SS} Words to live by?   {Karen and Cheryl} "Create your own individual style."