10300438_10152318092280218_6234157678070639957_n{SS} What inspired you to start your store? 

{Rachael} Retail is in my family, it’s in the blood. I enjoy working with people and traveling and picking out things and introducing the global finds to people. I’m very service oriented.

{SS} What do you love about your job? 

{Rachael} Every day is different. Meeting and chatting with different people and talking about the wonderful products Artloft has to offer and sharing the knowledge of the artists and designers.

{SS} Any new product lines you are selling, that you want to tell us about? 


{Rachael} Most people don’t realize that Artloft is a destination for unique clothing lines made in the U.S.A. and Europe.

{SS} You do bridal registry, correct?  What are some good brands to look at when registering at your store? 

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{Rachael} Yes, we offer a great boutique bridal registry. Our famous, luxury Italian houseware line, ALESSI and Michael Aram are favorites amongst brides. We also add the registries to our website so that brides in and out of state can register with us and anyone can shop online Artloft and the gifts can be shipped to wherever the registered couple wishes.

7_2128200f-a88e-49b2-aa21-bd85c57d4199{SS} Favorite products or trends currently in-store? http://www.styleshack.com/artloft 

{Rachael} People are being more daring with wearing fun, optic prints and more colorful pieces overall. They’re not just sticking with solid colors anymore, there’s more pairings of printed bottom with a solid colored top or vice versa. Our favorite line, Desigual from Barcelona, is a great indicator of this trend.

{SS} Who inspires your style?  Favorite Style Icon? 

{Rachael} I’ve always loved Comme des Garcons and I love dressing comfortably and different. I have always appreciated Linda Dresner and her styles.

V1-804210304.jpg&MaxW=290&v=201405231302 comme-des-garcons-ss14-runway-show1

{SS} Favorite fashion social media app or social media site? 

{Rachael} I like seeing the different styles on Facebook. And we show our customers our newest fashions by posting them to our Artloft Facebook page.

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{SS} Favorite "local" Restaurant? 

{Rachael} Some of my favorite restaurants in downtown Birmingham are Sy Thai, Pita Café, Touch of India Cuisine and Social

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{SS} Words to Live by?

{Rachael} Never stop improving yourself. Take Chances.

“Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.” – Michael JordanArt Loft