static.squarespaceCaroleWe had the pleasure of sitting down with the very talented and inspiring Carol Craine, from locally based fashion company, Craine & Jonson.  Read our interview below: {SS} What inspired you to start your company?{CJ} Frustration and determination. I wanted to fill the void in my closet for amazing luxury basics – pieces that I couldn’t find  in terms of style, fit, fabric and function. I wanted a wardrobe of canvases that were sophisticated, uncontrived and easy. The pieces need to all work harmoniously  for me, and I could never find the right mix of all of these elements.{SS} Where do you get the inspiration for each collection?{CJ} I design first ,and foremost, what I’m in the mood for and often can’t find. I’m incredibly inspired by simplicity and a personal desire to edit every corner of my life — weeding out the extraneous and making room for the essential. I am a perfectionist and  am inspired to re-interpret iconic, classic items or edgy interesting items. I want them just right and I set out to get them that way. I also am always looking for the perfect form/function balance and the ratio of detail to simplicity. I’m also inspired by — the unique, the offbeat and things that contrast. I love duality and an interesting dichotomy — old mixed with new, clean mixed with ornate and raw mixed with refined.{SS} In regards to your personal style, do you have a signature look or accessory? (i.e. clothing or accessory– a hat, bracelet, one of your pieces you always wear)?{CJ} I’m a jeans and tee shirt gal. But, the jeans and the tee need to be just right. They need to act like a canvas for the person, for great accessories, shoes and boots. I love  this uniform dressed up or down. When I need to be more formal, I’m a big fan of a great pencil skirt, one of my tops and insane accessories.{SS} A few items in your "styleshack" A.K.A closet that you can't live without?{CJ} My jeans that I custom cut in all lengths (and allow to fray and really prefer kind of baggy), CRAINE&JONSON tees & cardigans, great scarves, accessories and shoes… all of the pieces that I’ve collected over the years… I don’t follow trends… I really just wear what I love and feel good in…{SS} Who inspires your style?  Favorite Style Icon?{CJ} I have a few.  I love Carine Roitfeld, Coco Chanel and Kate Moss. I also love street style and mixing elements of street with couture.  I love to see the uniforms that creative and artistic people gravitate towards. It tends to be quite simple, with just the right amount of interest and detail. I’m always drawn to that kind of aesthetic.{SS} Style Archetype?{CJ} Mine came up as classic, which didn’t surprise me. I’m all about starting with a classic canvas, and then adding in some edge.STYLESHACK_CLASSIC{SS} Favorite fashion or lifestyle blog?  {CJ} I tend to gravitate towards magazine blogs — Another Mag/Women’s Wear Daily/ T magazine. StyleShack is pretty cool. I’m loving the local element — supporting local stores and local creative endeavors — that is very important to me. {SS} Favorite(s) "local" boutique?{CJ} Linda Dresner. She is such a visionary.  Her store is always on the forefront of design and style. I also think that Zieben Mare is doing a great job with their clothing and accessories. It is all very relevant, wearable and the sales staff is great.{SS} Advice you'd give to your 23-year-old self?{CJ} Dance to the beat of your own drum, unapologetically… Live with passion, joy and lots of love… and share it all generously… SHOP CRAINE & JONSON TODAY AT: Zieben Mare on StyleshackPinterest page: pinterest/cranejonson.comFacebook page: