This past weekend I was lucky enough to travel to the Almafi Coast with my roommates for an unbelievable trip. We went to Capri and Positano for a fun filled weekend of jet setting from beach to beach. While in Positano I found a store famous for their AMAZING bathing suit cover-ups and beach dresses.

A local designer of Positano, Giacomo Cinque, started Antica Santoria. Growing up in Positano working for many of the designers, he decided to start his own line. He grew up in the 70?s, which was a time for flower children pieces of clothing, which has clearly influenced his line. The Europeans on holiday who are looking for chic summer pieces to add to their wardrobe love this style. Every other woman I saw walking down the street was wearing a piece from here or had the bag in hand.

The beautifully made pieces have many details like crochet, embroidery, and amazing colorful pieces that are one of a kind. The clothing is made with Indian cotton and silk to create a comfortable and extremely chic ensemble. The store also has amazing beach bags, and children’s clothes that are nothing like I have ever seen. Walking into the store, I immediately felt excited…..and nervous for my bank account. The store was surrounded with lots of white cover ups that were detail oriented with lace, beads, cut-outs, and chiffon.

Antica Santoria is a Bohemian girls dream store and will transform any woman’s beachwear from drab to fab!

             Antica Sartoria S.r.l Via G.Marconi 158/164 84017 Positano (SA) Tel.: +39 089875089