Eco-Chic clothing is not just a trend, it is a lifestyle… and makes us feel a little less guilty about our spending.  You should know about these sustainable fashion designers below:

A great sustainable designer hitting the scene is Lara Miller. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Miller has been influenced by the cool city culture and architectural genius of the city. Miller has been acknowledged as Indie Designer of the Year by Chicago magazine, as well as recognized by top major fashion magazines including W Magazine, and Italian Vogue. Miller makes sure her designs are as environmentally savvy as possible! She reuses any fabric she can to save for her future collections. She also makes sure that all of her patterns are made of recyclable paper, and uses low-impact reactive dyes! Her garments are beautiful, unique, sassy, and very practical for the everyday woman!

Homeslice Clothing is a company that prides themselves on the fact that they use all American grown products for their garments! Developed by Detroit native, Emily Thornhill, found herself wanting to create a company that strives to make consumerism more environmentally friendly. All of her fabrics for her garments are grown on farms in North Carolina. Homeslice is a brand that is inspired by street style and vintage looks. This brand wants to provide women with the empowerment that comes with helping our environment for future generations, while still feeling fashion forward!

Reformation is a cool girl brand that re-purposes vintage clothing. It is a sustainable fashion label that won’t make you feel guilty for wearing it! Long flowing flower maxi dresses and gorgeous one-piece rompers are only some of the many playful garments included in the line! The brand strives to make their mark on the fashion industry as an environmentally friendly and glamorous line.